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Investigate the 4 editors of frequently made SEO errors



investigate the 4 editors of frequently made seo errors - Investigate the 4 editors of frequently made SEO errors

Writing and referencing can not be considered as two separate projects. They are closely related and you can not succeed in one area without focusing on the other.

Unfortunately, many copywriters make an unenthusiastic SEO attempt at SEO or subconsciously make costly mistakes that limit their success. In this article, we will focus on the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

The 4 most common SEO mistakes made by editors

Although a copywriter wants to focus on content creation without the influence of external factors, the truth is that modern content marketing is closely related to the optimization of search engines. research. It is impossible to separate SEO content, or vice versa, without affecting overall quality and efficiency.

The problem is that most writers are not experts in SEO by profession. And most SEO gurus are not particularly qualified to develop powerful marketing content. It is at this critical point that problems arise.

Knowing which SEO mistakes are most often caused by copywriters will help you identify problems early on and better understand how content and SEO combine to create an impact for your brand. Here are some mistakes to know:

1. No keyword search

Keyword research plays an important role in the development of SEO-oriented copy. Unfortunately, most writers do not conduct their keyword research. And even if they do, it's usually lousy and ineffective research. As a result, the copy ends up being too generic or completely missing the mark.

2. Gimmicky SEO Tactics

The field of SEO was very much like the Wild, the Wild West. But with time, the industry is refined. Most tactics that were once popular and effective are now poorly seen. However, editors who do not have a lot of SEO expertise can still rely on some of these ineffective techniques (which can actually hurt your content in search rankings). An example is the overoptimization of copying with specific keywords.

"Do not get me wrong. You should optimize your text. No matter when, no matter where, "writes an industry insider Adriana Tica . "But you absolutely must not sacrifice readability and optimization of conversion for SEO."

Keyword stuffing is a big no-no in 2019 – just like branded hyperlinks that seem out of place. Good editors stick to an organic optimization that blends with the content.

3. Using the wrong link building tactics

Link building is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. It's the way you gain visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads. But many writers do not know how to develop user-friendly content for linking.

For example, some writers will ask you to publish a piece of content on a major platform, without understanding the difference between "dofollow" and "nofollow" links. The latter removes the essence of value.

4. Ignores semantic search

Ten years ago, you could use the same keyword too optimized three times in a paragraph and benefit from a big boost in SEO for this page. Not anymore. Today, Google is entirely devoted to semantic search.

Some editors have been slow to adapt to this new way of doing things. Instead of writing for the benefit of users, they continue to optimize copying with rigid rules and formulas.

Good content writers know how to use a conversation style, while optimizing copying to take into account long-tail keywords that help search engines determine content and its content. target audience.

Find a Content Editor with SEO Context

Content is too important for your brand to try your luck on a content editor that lacks SEO expertise. Here are some simple ways to find a copywriter with SEO training:

1. Look beyond the price

It's easy to start your search for a content based copywriter, but proceed with caution. If price is your only factor, you will not find a copywriter with SEO experience. This is because these content writers have a higher price. (We do not have time to discuss in depth the price-quality relationship, but be aware that there is a strong correlation.)

2. Working with an agency

When it comes to choosing a content editor for your marketing strategy, you have three main choices: (1) manage it internally, (2) hire an independent content writer or (3) ) hire a marketing agency.

Most companies start with the first option. After a few weeks or months, they realize they have neither the time nor the skills to successfully execute a content marketing strategy with internal resources. They then hire an independent content writer – simply because they are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. But as noted, most freelance writers do not have the SEO expertise needed to deliver maximum value.

Do yourself a favor and skip the first two options to go directly to the third.

"When you work with an SEO agency, you have access to a team of people. This includes experienced content writers, talented SEO specialists and project managers who make sure everything goes together to achieve your marketing goals, "says TopRankings SEO Agency ]. "Think of it as an outsourced branch of your business that has the skills and expertise that you would otherwise have paid internally."

3. Request Supporting Data

Whether you are recruiting an independent content editor or an agency, never accept something that does not have the benefit. To make sure that they have the SEO expertise that they promise, ask for data to support.

A good content writer or agency will be able to show you specific numbers and reports showing how their services have helped current and past customers improve their online visibility and lead generation.

Writing and SEO: A Successful Marriage in Paradise

Writing and referencing go hand in hand – there is no way out. If you want to develop quality content that reflects the values ​​of your brand, engage customers and meet the ever-changing expectations of search engines, you must work with content writers with deep knowledge of SEO.

Take your time and find a professional that your brand can count on.

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