//Instagram advertisers can now promote organic branded content advertising of creators in the form of ads
instagram advertisers can now promote organic branded content advertising of creators in the form of ads - Instagram advertisers can now promote organic branded content advertising of creators in the form of ads

Instagram advertisers can now promote organic branded content advertising of creators in the form of ads



Instagram revealed Tuesday a new branded content option, stating that brands could now promote Creator bio-branded content posts as "Photo and Video Sharing Announcements"

The text "Paid Partnership" appears on these ads when they are shown in the feed Instagram, with the name of the brand being part of every message, that Instagram has described as "important element for our ongoing investment in ads". transparency. "

All advertisers will have access to these new branded content ads in the coming weeks, and Instagram has announced that this option would be extended to Stories in the coming months.

"Branded content is an evolving ecosystem," wrote Instagram in a blog post . "While we are working to create the right tools for companies and creators involved in branded content transactions, one of the biggest demands of brands so far is the ability to integrate branded content publications in their advertising strategies. "

Some agencies welcomed the new offer. "It's a brilliant initiative," said Scott Harkey, co-founder and managing partner of the marketing agency OH Partners. "Influencers exist because they provide authentic experiences. If you can convey a more authentic message, it's a win-win for influencers and brands. Influencers get more distribution and brands have more authentic content.

Quynh Mai, founder of the digital agency Moving Image & Content, said: "This update continues to build on Facebook's strategy to center its platform on no brands … From our experience, the most engaging publications always feature "real people" in lifestyle content – a winning formula that influencers always deliver. They help customers contextualize the product in real life, which the advertising industry has had a hard time embracing. "

Instagram said that 68% of people go on its platform to interact with creators, according to a report from Ipsos survey commissioned by Facebook's parent company." With this new advertising option, brands can tell their story through the voices of these creators and take advantage of Facebook's targeting capabilities to reach people other than those who follow the accounts of the brand or creator in question.Social network measurement tools will help these brands to optimize their campaigns.

The clothing giant Old Navy is optimistic about the new advertising offer, with the vice president of communications of the brand, Liat Weingarten, in the blog of Instagram, "Promoting Content Directly From The Handful Of An Influencer Gives The Message More Authenticity Than A Brand, And We See Engagement Rates" significantly higher with this strategy.

David Shadpour, Founder and CEO of Social User-Generated Content Platform Adweek said: "Brands are currently hiring influencers on the basis of an audience assumption, but the Deployment of Facebook's new branded content tool allows them to target specific audiences with influencer content.This largely eliminates the uncertainty of influence marketing and will allow brands to get their message across. more easily to appropriate audiences. "

Once brands have access to the new option, they must perform two steps: First, brand content creators must allow their business partners to promote their messages in as advertisers, what they can do in advanced settings. Once this is done, trading partners will see their content in the existing messages of Ads Manager, where they will be able to choose to broadcast these messages as ads in the RSS feed and, possibly, Stories.

An Instagram initiative could also indirectly appease disaffected influencers from the platform's recent experiment of removing the number of its accounts.

"This is certainly a way to combat the lack of likes on influencers. positions as this will expand the overall reach of their positions, "said Jessica Ottaviano, digital media supervisor at the GYK Antler marketing agency. "The problem is that the word-of-mouth feel provided by the influencers could still be lost. From a scope standpoint, this should represent a considerable shock, as influencers can broaden the audiences they target, which they could technically do now with sponsored notes embedded in the program. # 39; s application. "

Amber Zent, ​​partner, echoed this." Vice-President and Social Media Director of full service agency Marcus Thomas, said, "For a contributory mark, when these changes Platforms work in tandem, it can replace the most basic engagement metric – the almighty as measures of success, such as analyzing comments and clicks … The engagement of influencers only will not go away, but a world where tastes are not in the foreground, and where there are new ways to increase the scope of paid positions, sets us up for an industrial movement focused on branded content. stronger that resonates more deeply with our audiences. "