//If you disavow a link that sends a lot of traffic? de @jennyhalasz

If you disavow a link that sends a lot of traffic? de @jennyhalasz



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Editor's note: "Ask an SEO" is a weekly column of technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz . Come with your most difficult SEO question and complete our form . You will see your answer in the next message #AskanSEO!

Welcome to another edition of Ask an SEO ! Today's question comes from João B. in Portugal. He asks:

Should I disavow from my back link profile (with GSC) a link that comes from a site with a very low DA but that is related to the theme of my business (not of spam signal) and that sends a lot of traffic?

Could you help us with this?

I want to congratulate you; I'm pretty sure that's the only question we've ever had that does not have an answer "it depends".

The answer is absolutely not . Do not disown a link unless it is spam.

Do not forget that the value of a link from a third party tool (DA is a domain authority and is specific to the Moz link tool), is an estimate of the relationship of the link. value. In most cases, this is determined by links to a site.

The fact that a site does not have a good rating does not mean that links are attributed to it. If the site is relevant to your business and generates quality traffic, it's a good site.

People are so concerned about search guidelines that they sometimes forget to use common sense. You are not alone in this situation.

But there is something else besides the search traffic. And there are many reasons to make decisions other than SEO.

Think of it as:

If you had a guy who came into your store everyday with something embarrassing – maybe clown shoes – but every time that he was entering, he was buying 10 times more than the average person, would you ask him not to come in?

Of course you would not want to.

Similarly, you should not refuse a free source of good circulation. This is not just because they have more links than they always do.

In any case, it's great to have a solid source of traffic outside of Google.

Google can send 80% of messages. or more of your traffic, but this may not always be the case. Anyone who relies heavily on Google traffic should try to diversify.

Rather than deciding whether to disavow traffic from a source of this type, you should instead think about how to increase traffic from this source or from convert it. the traffic is better.

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