//IAB Europe publishes the new consent framework of the RPGD for comment
iab europe publishes the new consent framework of the rpgd for comment 760x490 - IAB Europe publishes the new consent framework of the RPGD for comment

IAB Europe publishes the new consent framework of the RPGD for comment



IAB Europe, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, announced Thursday new technical specifications for its second version of the Framework Transparency and Consent (TCF v2.0), designed to facilitate the GDPR and ePrivacy declarations for advertising technology vendors.

The new specifications are currently available for public consultation in the next 30 days. [1945].

Why We Should Care

TCF of IAB Europe provides a framework for businesses to allow businesses to manage the collection of GDPR-approved approvals from users and visitors to the site. The new version takes into account publisher comments for more granular checks among requests. With the more explicit terms and practices described in TCF v2.0, publishers and vendors have access to in-depth knowledge and control when collecting and managing personal data. The framework provides more intuitive solutions and resources so that publishers, technology providers and advertisers can more easily meet GDPR transparency and consent requirements.

Google, which did not sign at the first TCF, has that it would formally incorporate this next version of the framework as a recognized supplier of TCF after publication. The parties stated that they had collaborated in the review.

"Google actively contributes to TCF's various work streams, both on the IAB Europe side and the IAB Tech Lab, and Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe, said MarTech Today, in February, that the date of integration of version 2.0 of the TCF was available in the market.

We asked Google to update. In January, a fine of $ 50 million ($ 56.8 million) had been imposed on Google for lack of transparency on the use of personal and personal information. for not obtaining specific consent for the purpose of targeting ads under the PMR.

Main Changes in TCF v2.0

The updated framework is intended to provide consumers and publishers with more transparency and control over consent to the collection and collection of personal data, said IAB Europe. The main changes made are as follows:

Extension of the original purpose of the processing of personal data from five to twelve, to provide a more in-depth background. Possibility for users to expressly indicate the "right to object" to a seller who collects and processes their data. Increased control by consenting to the processing of data and the way in which sellers could use the data ( including accurate geolocation data).

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