//How to win the omnicheurs during the holiday shopping season 2018
how to win the omnicheurs during the holiday shopping season 2018 - How to win the omnicheurs during the holiday shopping season 2018

How to win the omnicheurs during the holiday shopping season 2018



Buyers have adopted the omnishopping and adore the way it integrates convenience to the touch experience. Whether they are on their laptop, on their mobile or that they are trying newcomers in their favorite shop, today 's shoppers are always ready to seek inspiration. from a brand or retailer. If they see that you have what they want, it could motivate them to buy in an instant.

A recent report identifies some distinct market trends that retailers can use to prepare for the imminent shopping season. season. Being prepared with a personalized approach at each point of contact is the main way retailers are working to overcome clutter clutter in order to win the 2018 vacation crisis. And by identifying the buying habits of 2017, marketers can focus on the following six key strategies for the coming season:

The King of Mobile Telephony

In 2017, 40% of all online retail sales in November and December is arrived on mobile phones. Mobile is the most spontaneous of all buying tools, and buyers who have researched and searched for specific items are easily accessible via their phone.

In most parts of the world, retailers report that mobile now includes more than 50% of online transactions and in-app sales dominate. It's time to optimize your mobile presence. Make sure your speed, your user experience and your order work at 110%.

Retailers must not only optimize their online stores, but they must also train their physical sellers to be responsive to the needs and needs of the leading users. and new buying habits.

Classical Gifts Follow the Rhythm of New Success

In 2017, there were three main categories of gifts: the toys of the new school with new twists, the latest products and great electronic products public that have been made famous on YouTube.

The very popular Legos and Barbies did well and got an extra boost thanks to their link with Star Wars and Lego Ninjago. It is therefore not surprising that consumer electronics is gaining popularity every year

What's new right now? Ultra HD 4K TVs are the newest and best, but people are also drawn to accessories and additional equipment such as VR headsets. Since 2017, voice speakers have been the main search criterion from Black Friday.

Virality and digital engagement allow many people to avoid spending related to a major marketing campaign. YouTube and influence marketing have also gained tremendous power. In essence, anything that encourages discussion, likes, views and communications on social networks is worth its weight in gold in web marketing.

Black Friday begins early and begins in Cyber ​​Week

. retailers have managed their plan to start the day earlier with Thanksgiving sales. Data from a Black Friday report of 2018 indicated a decline in mid-afternoon shopping, which took place during traditional meal times, while the early hours of the morning and the following hours showed very significant gains.

Early Friday morning, desktops and mobile devices were visited more than 4.5 times compared to the previous week, leaving Black Friday at the forefront of sales. The Cyber ​​Monday also recorded huge sales (4.77 times the annual average of October 2018), falling just short of Black Friday sales (4.87 times).

However, holiday shopping is far from over. Beginning December 26, buyers are returning to the market to take advantage of online offers, use gift cards and gift certificates, and make personal purchases before the New Year's resolution period. In 2017, the average peak value Orders for the entire month of December were reached on December 31 ($ 146). This year, marketers should make sure to book a budget to experience this second wave of shopping before the end of the year.

Your Data Contains Dollars

Although most retailers are far from certain they To use the data to their best advantage, virtually everyone agrees that the better their data analytics are, the better their sales. Now that omnishopping is the norm, retailers are better coordinating their online and in-store presences to deliver consistent and personalized marketing messages.

To further enhance this customization, you need to continually access your datasets to connect consumers. & # 39; behavior online and offline. In addition, data collaboration can offer an additional solution for activation over a larger data set that a reseller can not achieve alone. A study conducted in 2017 revealed that 71% of retailers agreed to provide online search data to a pool.

Everything is a matter of moments

The buyer of today is well educated and fast. -moving, and buying decisions are often made instantly. With so many touch points, it's extremely easy for consumers to search and compare products anytime, anywhere. Make sure your retail presence is easily accessible and consistent at all points of contact, online and offline. Retailers must not only optimize their online stores, they must also train their physical salespeople to be responsive to the desires, needs and new shopping habits of the omniscopate.

Give your retail store the marketing tools it needs to compete in this exciting new environment this holiday season. Your sales figures will give you a reason to celebrate.

Buyers are creatures of the usual

Re-engagement is an essential part of the consumer's shopping journey, especially as brand loyalty is increased. ; increases. When it comes to making gifts during the holiday season, consumers are likely to stick to what they know as long as they are re-engaged permanently. Existing retail customers spend on average more than new shoppers, and shopping apps customers have a strong loyalty bias. Among the best reengagement tactics with customers include compelling discounts, customization, innovative ad formats and attractive designs.
By following these six strategies and focusing on data and personalization, brands can better meet the current needs of their customers. themselves for a successful season.