//How to use content correction to improve the efficiency of your social networks while getting results

How to use content correction to improve the efficiency of your social networks while getting results



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You want to develop your brand, increase the number of your fans and start selling more?

Next, you must follow the marketing trends that guide the way people do business online.

And the biggest current trend of the market? Social media.

The only problem: managing social media takes time. What was once relegated to the rank of a small trainee is now a multi-million dollar company, with large agencies simply managing social media accounts.

That's great for them. But what about for the business owner on a daily basis? How can it develop a brand – for yourself or your business – on social media without spending countless hours or dollars?

I am glad you asked.

Because today's technology provides a simple answer: curation of content. Today, you'll learn how to use content retention to accelerate your social media strategy while reaping the same results.

Get interested!

The problem of content: why good content on social networks is no longer enough

Many people think that the problem with current content is that they do not produce it.

There is a widespread belief that the secret to growing your brand or authority is to publish more content. But almost nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, there is already a lot of content, and the secret to stand out does not produce more.

Breaking the Clutter

In today's environment, there is an overabundance of content. Every day, writers from around the world publish two million blog posts . And that does not include the hundreds of thousands of people who get updates, revisions, or new promotions.

And of this content, 55% of visitors remain only 15 seconds or less .

In other words, the world is too full of content. Information overload is on the rise and the release of additional data is not the secret to stand out.

So why are big brands still doing it?

There are two reasons.

You see, many of these articles are published by bloggers – Time.com, Huffington Post and BuzzFeeds around the world.

For these companies, they work primarily on a content model. Post hundreds of messages a day and some will become viral. Major sites like these profit from the 0.1% of results obtained, generating enough traffic so that the whole strategy is worth it.

The other secret is simple: the big pockets.

Key players in sectors such as marketing, technology and startups simply pay to play. They spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars per article, on content developer salaries and advertising budgets to attract new followers.

In fact, the promotion of paid content has multiplied by 5 since 2014 .

For owners of small or medium-sized businesses, the truth is a bit discouraging: t too expensive to cut with your own content.

But do not lose hope. There is a solution.

The secret of brand creation for social media content (without breaking the bank)

The secret is not to create new content: it is to keep and share the best content that others write.

This is why more and more marketers are using curation of content . This helps them build their brand, build credibility and strengthen their buy-in.

You see, the problem is that there is too much information. And that created the opposite problem: people actually start sending the amount of information available.

Just as we are submerged by a considerable number of emails in our inbox it is almost impossible to find a good source of information.

If you've been frustrated by the 105,573,897,394 results from each Google search, you know what it looks like. And it's a perfect opportunity for you to step in and become a trusted expert.


Keeping the best content and sharing it on social networks. You can enjoy the benefits of an excellent content marketing strategy without expense or effort.

Better yet, the selected content is excellent on social networks . You can become the source of the best kind of content for those who want to know more. As a result, you will become a trusted expert.

You can use the content selected for to develop authority, develop brand awareness and develop your credibility as a leader of opinion.

How does the selected content work on social media?

How Organized Content Gets Results on Social Networks

In the day when everyone has the floor and can share his opinion, those who have authority and credibility are those who can testify to what really matters.

This is why your online authority is one of the most valuable skills you can master.

Examples abound of companies, brands, and individuals who have used the power of content retention to reach the top of their fields.

Merchant Ross Hudgens used content curation to make Siege Media one of the companies' inc. 5000 "by detonating its subscribers on Twitter.

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The content selected is so important, he says, that "the seat support would not exist if it were not for the curation of content."

An extreme claim? Maybe But as a marketing campaign manager for customers like Airbnb, Shutterfly and Y Combinator, he knows what he's talking about.

You will be able to retain your readership by promoting the best titles. This attracts people wanting to find the best content available, but without the time to sort everything out.

(And do not worry, you will not need to sort this content yourself.You will have a little secret that will help you choose the best one in minutes.)

Using this preservation method can help you in the strategy you are looking for. Whether it's selling physical products, digital products, or simply building brand awareness, neat content is covered.

Wholeome Culture, an e-commerce store, evolved up to six figures in nine months by finding and sharing viral content like this through social media .

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If you plan to promote mobile content you may get even better results. According to Statista, 61% of North Americans use a mobile device to access social media .

This means that you operate a huge market without the type of effort and expense that would normally be required.

But the main benefit of using organized content is the power it allows you to build relationships with larger influencers and draw attention to them and their followers.

You can use the content selected for to attract the attention of influencers in your space by tagging them in publications, sharing their content, and associating them by spreading their message.

In short, you can develop a social media tracking with curation of the content in different ways.

But will not it take a lot of insane work? Is it even possible to find all this content on your own?

Well, there is also good news about it.

How curation improves your efficiency

If you want to launch a campaign to promote your brand or your site, you need a technique that is easy to use and does not require prolonged maintenance.

In reality, most giant marketing campaigns are simply too difficult and, instead of following them, we are distracted, we give up and we derive no benefit.

Will the selected content fall into the same trap?

The answer is no. When done correctly, the selected content can be one of the simplest promotion strategies available. Here's how to make it work without spending too much time on the process.

Obtaining automatic recommendations

The most difficult way to proceed with the curation of the content is to use a manual flow reader.

To do this, you must search all relevant sources one by one and begin tracking them. You can check the latest messages and then perform the manual job of sharing their content.

But today's technology allows us to ignore the manual part of the process and speed up the process of preservation in a fraction of the time.

With Scoop.it, you can view top-performing content from your favorite sources on the main dashboard.

This is a kid's game to track new sources of content and you can quickly and easily see the actions in the box. You will have even notifications with content that your subscribers are most likely to share and enjoy.

Even better, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of time revising and tweaking your messages. Instead, you just need to quickly browse and approve without the hassle of curation of normal content.

Share seamlessly in a few clicks

With Scoop.it you can quickly and easily transfer unique content and share it with all your social networks in just a few clicks. It's a quick and easy process that makes sharing easy.

 Distribute the selected content to your entire network

You can also use your browser's Scoop.it bookmarklet to quickly share content when you find it. No more hassle copy-and-paste. You can be the first to share content on your network.

Take the time to converse and engage

At the end of the day, you will want to engage more with your audience.

Since you will be able to automate most curation and content sharing operations, you will gain additional time for your engagement.

One of the benefits of the selected content is that you can use it to maintain conversations with your audience. In a fraction of the time needed to create new content yourself, you can share existing content and use it as a starting point for conversations with your fans .

At a glance, what results can you expect from curation?

Of course, there is no guarantee of success – it all depends on the work you have done. (Of course, with the simplified Scoop.it system, it's much easier to manage and share.)

But some case studies show huge gains. A good example is a small company that increased traffic by 120% with Scoop.it .

Used consistently, these results are achievable. You can explode your followers and brand awareness using curations, without spending a lot of time and energy creating your own content.


If you're wondering how to develop your social media strategy without the tedious efforts it usually requires, you have your answer: content retention.

This is the preferred method of busy executives and entrepreneurs. You can set up a simple content curation system with the help of Scoop.it and start enjoying the benefits of an active social network account.

You will save time, energy and effort while strengthening your authority and encouraging more registrations on the platform you have to offer.

What is there to lose?

Want to create a true collaborative social media strategy for your business? request a demonstration of Scoop.it Enterprise!

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