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How to use content correction to improve sales activation



When marketing and sales are closely linked, they can help companies to conclude 38% more transactions .

Sales facilitate relationships between marketing and sales based on the key roles each plays in prospect formation, contracting, and contribution to growth.

Marketing teams provide business organizations with selected tools and information. This includes blog posts, external content, best practices and tools.

For example:

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Inestimable for salespeople who meet competitors' objections regularly, this content UpLead provides a detailed comparison with one of their competitors.

Do not just manage content related to sales activation

of your marketing teams also include third-party research, industry news and competitor analysis. These materials help the sales team educate prospects and sell more effectively.

Content related to sales activation includes:

Sales Presentations
Informational blog posts
Case Studies
Ebooks and White Papers
Scripts of Sale
Competitor Research and Analysis
Social Media Content
A pagers

Essentially, content that allows high-value prospects to be educated, engaged and moving throughout the sales cycle. With each content well positioned, a sales representative will find it easier to convert a potential customer into a satisfied customer.

Points to Consider When Using Content for Your Organization

You may already have content in place for your sales efforts, but you must constantly check the information used by the sales teams. By gathering information from your representatives, you will discover content gaps, issues to be addressed, and objections that can be addressed.

Here are some questions to ask your sales team:

Which content elements work best at each stage of the sales process?
What are the least performing content elements at each stage of the sales process?
What are the most common questions that you hear (related or not to the product)?
What are the three main objections you hear?
What are the main issues we solve for customers?

With these answers, you have a better idea of ​​what works already and not from the point of view of content. You can create effective content that takes into account the concerns of your prospects at each stage of the customer journey.

Perhaps you will discover that some content elements are not working properly because they have to be placed at another stage of the sales cycle, or that a document of a page n & # 39; It was not really relevant for the most painful clients and needs to be replaced by something new.

A new white paper should perhaps be written to present the actual applications of the product or indicate that prospects do not think that your company understands the sector's news. In this case, you may need to manage external content that the sales representatives will share.

All this knowledge is valuable in preparing, creating and managing the right information for your sales people, from the beginning to the end of the buying cycle.

The following list outlines the ten basic types of content for sale.

1. Enable your sales representatives to attend sales training

Comprehensive sales training with the right documents, videos, and other support materials can help improve business activity quickly, highlighting how salespeople need to interact with customers. prospects, as well as the most effective ways of using different sales channels.

Partner with different people in the business who have complementary skills to create a more interactive way to provide ongoing sales training and gain new insights.

For example, you can partner with a product manager for product-related training or collaborate with a market researcher to obtain up-to-date information on competitive analysis.

2. Streamline Processes with Sales Scripts

Creating a database of sales scripts that representatives can use in different situations familiarizes them with messaging, product features, and target audiences. This database provided to your team allows them to consult and individually customize the sales scripts corresponding to their needs for any given call.

For example, here is a cold call script used by Purplegator representatives when they reach the voicemail of a prospect:

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Aside from the written sales scripts, there should also be video and audio recordings of your best sellers providing these presentations and questions.

3. Create Proven Sales Presentations

Sales presentations are often used to introduce a potential customer to your business and the solution you can provide. During a product demonstration, representatives use the initial overview to prepare for any eventual issue. At subsequent sales calls, it may be necessary to add sales presentations for the contract to advance.

For sales to be able to easily customize their own slides, consider creating a "main slide deck" so that team members can find what they need and do it themselves .

Sales are then empowered to efficiently organize their own commercial representations depending on the sector of activity, the type of character and the stage of the buying cycle.

4. Analytical equipment of competitors

To win, your sales teams need to know not only what their customers' needs are, but who their competitors are and how they affect the market as a whole.

Ask yourself the following questions:

In which areas is Competitor X better than us?
In which areas are they weaker?
Why do customers leave them?
Why do customers go there en masse?

At the external level, a competitive analysis, if done well, could persuade a potential customer to cross that threshold and become a loyal customer.

Work with marketing to find out who your best customers are. Use competitive analysis tools such as SEMrush to cross SEO data with your own competitive analysis:

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5. Case Studies and Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials are among the best pieces of content that allow sales to be available to a seller.

When a potential customer reads or looks at a case study, he discovers the difficulties faced by another client and how they were solved with the help of your company.

In addition, a simple case study or testimonial can be converted back to shorter citations for use on landing pages, social media content, e-mail and more.

While generally unsolicited, third-party online analytics can be another resource for high-value prospects. Your sales team can gather positive reviews online in the form of screenshots to be integrated into sales materials or links to websites for prospects.

5. Add value with blog posts

If it is possible that long-running blog articles were created for funnel activities, they may be reused during later stages of the sales cycle, as Tools to train and nurture potential customers.

For example, this Intercom blog post shows how sellers can use narration to derive more from the live chat:

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For accessibility, you can store blog posts in Google Drive or Dropbox so sales representatives can share them quickly with potential customers.

6. Build authority with enlightened leadership

The content of thought leadership deals with industry trends, potential difficulties in the outlook, and the innovative approach of society. This content may include blog posts, ebooks, white papers, webinars and more.

LinkedIn articles are a great place to host thought leadership content. For example, Jason Miller, brand marketing manager at Microsoft Europe, uses the platform to share his views on content marketing:

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As a pre-sales strategy, it creates the initial buzz and conversation around your business. for post-sale engagement, it keeps your customers loyal.

7. Streamline distribution using e-mail templates

Models of sales emails prevent sales representatives from writing the same emails again and again. With the help of marketing in the development of email, salespeople can have an arsenal of carefully selected emails.

After simple customization, representatives can send an email regardless of the scenario. Regularly review your open rates and response rates as this will help you optimize your e-mail templates and make them more efficient.

8. Crush the competition with a pager

Single pages include specification sheets, website product pages, and explanations of features and benefits.

If you have a large suite of products, it's helpful to focus individually on each product via these unique pages. For example, Intercom uses a page to illustrate some use cases of the product:

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You can also use a page to highlight certain product features, or even include a complete comparison of the competition. These formats are particularly useful towards the end of the sales cycle.

9. Stay in the foreground with social media content

There are other ways to add value beyond the "how to" publish on a blog. Provide information on industry trends and insights to keep your prospects informed of what's going on.

In terms of sales activation, this means the collection, review, and retention of information, including news, research, surveys, and reports. By continually sharing these new content elements, you will build trust and interact with potential prospects over time.

Rather than exposing you to why your company's approach is excellent, which can discourage your prospects, you give priority to your potential customers by responding to their interests. As a bonus, your sales reps can use this opportunity to keep themselves abreast of industry developments.

10. Reinforce retention with integrated content

Finally, customers deserve to have a good experience after the closing. They want to be reassured that the sales representative will keep his promises. Use the sales activation content to create aftermarket documents related to the integration, deadlines and following steps.

Sales activation should also work with customer success management teams to ensure that the document addresses customer concerns and questions – if it does not, change it Consequently.


Continue to keep communication open between marketing and sales as your sales engagement processes will evolve over time.

With each new sales analysis, there will be new content to create and manage. However, the overall objectives will always remain the same with respect to education prospects, reaching agreements and overall organizational growth.

Would you like to launch a sales activation strategy? Feel free to book for a demonstration of our Enterprise solution!

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