//How to turn your waste into cash!
1547838152 how to turn your waste into cash - How to turn your waste into cash!

How to turn your waste into cash!



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There is a tremendous trend toward sustainability and building housing in the UK more environmentally friendly, and if you could also earn extra money by doing it?

Would not you like to know how to make money while saving the planet?

Fortunately for you, you have several ways to earn extra money from the items you throw away. That's why we have listed the best ways to start immediately!

If you need help solving your problem before you start selling it and for the rest of your unused property, follow this link, then read on!

How to clear your clutter

Sell your cardboard boxes

how to turn your waste into cash - How to turn your waste into cash! Boxcycle is an online marketplace where you can sell your new used and new cardboard boxes for cash.

To start, create a FREE Ad on Boxcycle . When someone in your area searches for boxes, you will confirm the availability of boxes and set a recovery time.

Once the buyer has picked up the boxes and verified the sale, Boxcycle will credit your account with money.

Payments are made via PayPal and can be requested at any time.

Sell your plastic bottles

1547838152 858 how to turn your waste into cash - How to turn your waste into cash! Tesco installed vending machines allowing individuals to return plastic bottles for cash.

Because plastic bottles are a global problem, the trend to pay for recycled plastic will continue.

To find out if there is a plastic bottle recycling center near you, check out Earth 911 .

Cash for used batteries

Does your vehicle need a new battery? If that is the case, you can redeem your old for a small discount on a new one.

Most auto parts stores automatically update your new battery when you give them your old one (so make sure you inquire before making your purchase).

However, if you have old batteries in your garage, you may be able to sell them for cash at auto parts stores, garbage dumps or sites like Craigslist.

Sell your old appliances

1547838152 40 how to turn your waste into cash - How to turn your waste into cash! Craigslist VarageSale or in the Facebook Marketplace .

If your devices do not work, you may be able to sell them as spare parts on the websites listed above or at a local salvage yard.

make money from 'non-recyclable'

TerraCycle is a company that allows individuals to recycle non-recyclable waste (toothbrushes, snack bags, drink bags, etc.) while earning TerraCycle points for charitable purposes. , schools and awards.

This is a great way to make money by eliminating all that escapes you because it offers money for things that you think are worthless.