//How to Master the Art of Performance Management PPC Can Increase Return on Investment by @ctantanya
1539179072 how to master the art of performance management ppc can increase return on investment by ctantanya 760x490 - How to Master the Art of Performance Management PPC Can Increase Return on Investment by @ctantanya

How to Master the Art of Performance Management PPC Can Increase Return on Investment by @ctantanya



how to master the art of performance management ppc can increase return on investment by ctantanya - How to Master the Art of Performance Management PPC Can Increase Return on Investment by @ctantanya

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We've all been there. You want to book a hotel in a resort of choice and enjoy good deals. A few days later, you come back, credit card in hand, to find that the price of the hotel has tripled.

The reason? You are on vacation at the same time as a big music festival is planned in town and you are now competing with maybe hundreds of thousands of others fighting for the same space as you.

That said, this approach does not just apply to the hospitality and travel industries.

In fact, it maximizes the performance of almost all search engine marketers and online advertisers, regardless of market size, industry or geographic location.


This complex and ever-evolving price strategy, based on the fundamental laws of supply and demand, aims at generating the highest possible monetary value for the supplier, given time and number of competitive offers and a myriad of other variables.

And PPC performance management applies to your online advertising strategy in a surprisingly similar way, with the idea that, if you are in the right place, you are all guaranteed To be rewarded. high yields.

CPP Performance Management: The Highest Returns at the Right Time

Let's define performance management first.

Fundamentally, performance management, also known as revenue management in the tourism and travel industries, is designed primarily to anticipate and influence the behavior of individuals. purchase of consumers to maximize revenue, or even return, from industries with limited offers and urgent reservations.

Simply put, performance management means that an organization rates its products, services, advertising inventory, or other online offerings in order to generate the highest revenue at the best price and the best price. good time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this strategy is widely used by industries offering expiring or limited quantity offerings, such as hotel rooms, airline seats and conference spaces, which are often subject to restrictions. sharp increases or decreases in demand based on a range of market variables.

You probably have already seen it in action without even realizing it.

Hotels, for example, use this convenient online booking when there is a major event, such as a conference, concert or sports event at the city's scale, likely to cause an increase in demand for hotel rooms and a scarcity of availability.

Similarly, the travel industry is renowned for taking advantage of this approach for selling online. bookings, which can pay big money for holiday destinations during the frequent summer months, but pay much less for those same places than other seasons.

CFC performance management goes further and applies to the process. online advertising. It always makes frequent adjustments to the price of a product or service depending on fluctuations in market variables.

However, the concept of PPC performance management aims to bring this consumer to the company's website in a way that targets the greatest number of users likely to be ############################################################################ Make a purchase or conversion in the most efficient way – the cheapest cost-per-click.

Here's how it works

Ranking of ads in search results Results look like the function of an auction: each advertiser wishing to place an ad for a given search query makes an offer for this ad.

For advertisers, this means that there is an opportunity for optimization as to the amount they need. for this to happen based on keywords.

During the bidding process, many pieces of information are captured on a given consumer regarding his digital engagement, which includes his device, his loc

This type information collection, apparently non-invasive, can be paid for by keywords to give a value to the relevance of this user to a user.

Since it is keyword-specific, each keyword contains historical performance data combined with publisher auction landscape data, which, when aggregated, presents a keyword level relationship between projected click volume for a given offer.

The advantages of this approach for the advertiser are many.

In a PPC program, the keyword search can be treated as a main track – you already know the user intent so that the advertisers can bid on the results of the search query by knowing the user's intent.

CFC performance management is also advantageous because advertisers are not charged or only have to pay for this advance when a customer clicks on an ad, indicating additional interest.

The strategy has essentially two levels of interest in what the advertiser offers them: the search query itself, and the content of the search ad.

When a customer clicks on it, he interacts directly with the company. It is then up to the company to take the click on the next steps and on the finish line.

Controlling Performance: What Hides Behind a PPC Management Platform

For the Huge The majority of companies investing in a program PPC advertising with an automated platform to manage the abundance of offers, is a necessity and not a luxury.

A PPC management platform saves hours and hours of work significantly reducing human and operational errors, while generating opportunities, generating a return on investment and increasing net profits.

These platforms integrate with customers' data sources, whatever they are, to capture the conversion information of their customers. try to maximize or optimize.

This data is then associated with publisher data to generate dynamically optimized keyword-level bids, and each day for each customer keyword.

The three key components of this optimization algorithm are:

Historical data on keyword performance. User data for the purpose of adjusting the bid modifier. Auction landscape data from publishers.

According to business and performance goals. from the customer, these platforms offer various auction solutions that determine the algorithm for deriving an optimal bid at the keyword level.

The level of keywords and user demographic information is extremely relevant because capture the competitive landscape for that keyword. Because these bids are dynamic and involve multiple levels, what other bidders need to influence the success of the bid.

The client has a set of parameters that define the success of his program. impact on their auction strategy and the tactics they use to generate clicks and conversions.

A customer uses his own unique auction strategy, using all available data and sophisticated algorithms to achieve a result greater than any manual or less. sophisticated approach.

Customers' auction goals can vary widely, ranging from:

Optimizing revenue with a target budget. Maximizing revenue with a target ROI. Maximizing conversions with a target CPA level.

All depend on their unique needs, their business goals and their return on investment goals.

Return on Investment Automation: The Benefits of a Sponsored Links Management Tool

For Customers, Attempting to Manage a PPC Program Without Using All the data they have does not mean that they are getting optimal performance.

Similarly, trying to run a PPC program without an automated tool means that they are

And for marketers and PPC advertisers, the manual approach can leave a lot to desire, which presents major gaps in their program that leave them with a host of missed opportunities and wasted expenses.

For example, Business X may have a paid search program, managed by two members of the team, and will do its best to make adjustments to offers and offers in order to respond. a changing business environment and a changing competitive landscape.

They could even try to frequently review their keywords related to higher volumes. However, not surprisingly, they usually have neither the time nor the resources to evaluate the longest keywords or to evaluate the impact of other auction adjustments.

They are trying to make about 100 auction adjustments per week and adjust the auction adjustments every few months to a program that could have about 50,000 words key, it is inevitable that they fall back late on their sponsored link goals. In 1945, humans are not as well equipped as an automated system. A system for recognizing schemas, some of which are subtle, others for longer periods, and others created in a program and helping other segments of this program work differently .

Automated tool on the other hand, would calculate each day an optimal bid for the 50,000 keywords using the new data dynamically and adjusting each day's auction adjustments using the same incoming data, regardless of the volume of interaction.

The keywords would not be seen either instead of adopting a portfolio auction-driven optimization approach, but to maximize the marginal utility of each keyword in depending on its relationship between the bid level and the volume.

For advertisers. This can mean an increase in performance that generates substantial returns and far exceeds the cost of the platform, with median performance improvements of between 10 and 30 percent on average.


While managing the performance of sponsored links may seem well aligned with simple economic principles, the ability to optimize your keyword bids To the point of generating the biggest dollar in your organization is a strategy that takes time, effort, and constant refinement to achieve the desired result.

This requires wisdom, experience and even a little luck.

As a tightrope walker, the announcer will need to take advantage of various factors, including time, date, location and device, to their advantage, so to make the best offers to get the maximum return for their budget or their results.

However, like almost everything else, organizations can not expect to develop and master this skill autonomously with a human-powered workforce. Without help, it is likely that your CFC management strategy will be nothing more than a glorified game of fortune-telling.

For those who are passionate about conquering this skill, automating this process and investing in a management tool will be essential for their PPC.

If used correctly, it could fill critical knowledge gaps in your sponsored link program that historically made it possible to seize an opportunity. Accelerate performance, increase return on investment and generate additional profits, leaving your team looking like rock stars.

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