//How to make money with the Facebook data breach

How to make money with the Facebook data breach



In what has been identified as Facebook's worst privacy crisis in the past 14 years, it has recently been revealed that analytica analytics firm Cambridge has collected personal information from millions of social media profiles.

There are not many users able to fix what has already been done. However, Facebook has enabled its 2.2 billion users to review the Facebook apps they use and the information they shared with these apps.

There is, however, good news for British people affected by the data breach on Facebook. If your data has been misused, you can file a claim with civil courts for distress and receive compensation of up to £ 12,500.

Here is a brief overview of the situation and the financial benefits you could get:

What was the data breach and how did it go?

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Can I claim damages caused by the data breach on Facebook?

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"This is an important decision because distress is probably the most important element of any loss to any private person whose data has been misused," says Jonathan Compton Partner at DMH Stallard.

Of course, Facebook can defend any claim on the ground that it has taken all reasonable steps to avoid the violation.

But there is a problem. What happens if personal details have been lost without causing immediate and quantifiable losses? If our credit card information is lost, we can report the losses and recover them. But if deeply personal information is placed in the public domain, then? That's why Vidal-Hall v Google is so important. The court ruled that plaintiffs can claim distress only.

How many can I really get from Facebook's data breach?

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"I think a much more realistic figure is £ 500 per applicant," he said.

Where to place your request

If your data has been misused, you can file a claim with the civil courts. You can also inform the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) and send them your complaint.