//How to make money online with zero experience
how to make money online with zero experience - How to make money online with zero experience

How to make money online with zero experience



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Available money is always useful. But do you make the most of your opportunities to make money? Logging certainly helps you to cash.

Whether you're filming your face or giving your opinion, you can do a lot to maximize those extra cents. In some cases, you could have a whole new career!

To save you time, we found 5 of the best ways to make money online. Best of all, our tips do not require any experience and allow you to start immediately …

5. Online surveys

A few clicks are enough to find online survey sites. They ask you questions and your answers provide essential data for companies marketing their products.

Here is the thing. They pay you for your time. You can earn between £ 2 and £ 10 per survey and the sites offer a variety of tasks. This is not all that is ticked in the box.

If you are after a simple investigation, then Swagbucks meets your needs. Meanwhile, Prolific Academic puts you in mind if you are after more difficult topics.

Online survey sites are not a way to get rich, but they provide a much needed boost to your finances. A highlight for additional money! For more information on your options, you can read this article .

4. Cash Back

If we told you that there was a way to make spare money just by shopping, you might think we were pulling your leg. However, that is exactly what happens with the refund.

How does it work? By registering on a cashback site (many are free) such as TopCashback and Quidco you access their impressive network of partners.

These include large retailers, who pay repayment companies to send them traffic. The companies then take that money and give it back to you.

As long as you click on the refund links, everything is fine. You could get about 5% or more of what you spend. The refund may even bring you some free food .

3. YouTube

YouTube is an effective way to earn extra money in your living room. From videos to household tips, the market for new and interesting videos is huge.

Here is the best part. You do not have to be experienced to make a video. A professional quality production can be turned on your phone and modified with a minimum of effort.

You do not know what to shoot? You may have an interesting story to tell or maybe you just want to talk about what you ate for lunch. It's up to you to monetize the content.

Many YouTubers have eyeballs making millions of pounds with these shots. Who knows, you could become the next big company in the market

2. Affiliate Marketing

Already have an online presence? It is possible to earn money with affiliate marketing. Just as cashback sites are paid to direct traffic, you can do the same thing.

Here is the truth. A network such as The Affiliate Window puts you in touch with companies that are looking for people to talk about their products online.

It could be a guest blog, provided you have sufficient scope. Or it can be something as simple as tweeting and engaging others in a conversation.

As long as you feel comfortable promoting the product – and if you are not, marketing is a no-no in the first place – then this should be a rewarding path for you .

1. Sell

Sometimes the old methods are the best. It's easy to forget about the digital age, but selling physical items online is always topical.

This is great. Many of us have quality items that we do not need lying around at home. Blu-Rays we bought once and never looked. Clothes that came out only once.

Connect to eBay or a more specialized site such as Etsy and you are doomed to find a market for your items, that's it. act of a punctual or continuous sale.

Make sure you choose a site with a secure payment system, rather than relying on too personal interaction for your transactions. Also beware of hustlers who may be hiding.