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How to fight the biggest enemy of marketing: the time



In recent days, I started thinking about our plan for the second half of 2019 and came across an old file, a planning file of 2018. I've gone through a few slides, reminding myself of the time that my team was spending on aligning campaigns, timing our accuracy and setting priorities.

We have barely followed the slightest detail. As one boxer Mike Tyson once said: "Everyone has a plan until it is hit in the face."

Although we are not not in a boxing ring, the feeling applies to marketing: the needs and priorities change A nod, other trends are emerging and dragging you in different directions, the new leaders are changing the vision of your business strategy, and none of this can really be planned.

Marketers love planning because it gives us a sense of control, organization and vision as to how While we are working hard to create these plans that detail our actions, the market is changing, but by the time you've designed the perfect plan, it's not what the market needs.

The time is the magic, but a forgotten ingredient of many marketing initiatives. But our obsolete mentality of "planning" keeps us in the world always up-to-date. Instead, you need to develop a disjointed mindset within your team. Marketing is essentially about spreading a message. Disruptive marketing is about doing this quickly and with resources. Do not worry about everything perfect,;

Here's how you can optimize your team's time, beat you and get ahead of your competition.

Become a reliable resource that will trust you

. We all have websites that we visit every day that we trust. These were usually news organizations, but more than ever, there are brand voices that provide valuable content and information. According to CMO.com from Adobe or Woolly Magazine from Casper, more and more consumers are turning to brands for their expertise and opinions.

Developing your brand into a reliable news source is therefore a double-edged sword: readers are more receptive to taking your content seriously and engaging it. But there is more competition and noise than before. It is essential to be heard and to identify areas in which you really want to be an informed leader. It is best to start with a narrow vision and gain credibility for your expertise rather than having a broad reach at first and not being taken seriously. You can always increase the number of topics you are discussing.

Many of us believe or do not trust certain sources of information in our personal lives; and this state of mind is also starting to impact our professional lives, with more and more people considering brands as information producers. You want your audience to trust and build on your business ideas.

Distinguish yourself from the competition by always staying on

The news cycle is 24 hours a day and can change with the time that you have to publish a single Tweet. If your marketing is not always so active, you're already late. You need to have a constant and constant content stream, ready to be used by your audience, no matter when.

How? Have a proactive and non-reactive marketing strategy. Develop leads to get real-time feedback from your customers and prospects to understand what interests them most, and tailor your marketing accordingly. These comments will help you discover the areas of darkness in your area and the points you need to focus on when creating content.

Next, develop the channels to broadcast this content, such as a series of webinars with weekly news. . Conductor 30 | 30 webinar, which summarizes the last 30 days in research, social network and content, is a good example. The same goes for the weekly App Annie Mobile Minute which provides information on the impact of mobile on current events and consumer trends.

Whatever your chain, do not let perfection harm good. . If a news cycle is preparing and impacting your market, create a quick video or webinar explaining what it means for your audience and what it should look like in the next few days. Send an e-mail with a few paragraphs explaining the latest trend in simple and understandable content. Reuse this copy of e-mail for a blog and social posts. Share a quote from your CEO with relevant reporters who can copy and paste it into the articles they are working on about this revolutionary story. Create a strong voice, that's half the fight, but it's also essential to defeat your competition.

Structuring Your Team to Succeed

You can not plan for the unexpected, but you can create a flexible team. As a marketing manager, think about the structure of your team: are the channels of demand to public relations compartmentalized? In fact, what aspects of marketing are not related to demand, brand and public relations? They are all nested and when you are partitioned by channel, it's the opposite of agile marketing.

Agile marketing is an integrated Scrum mindset, in which everyone can collaborate and move things together. Marketing does not have to be an assembly line, team members have to wait for others to complete their work for the process to continue. This is why silo teams create execution gaps. So, if you're struggling to get your team moving in the same direction, you need to reorganize your team's organization to be agile and react in real time. Do not forget that any time waiting to publish is a time when a prospect might consume your content. With an always-on approach, agile and agile marketing enables you to develop both visibility and engagement as your prospects embark on the buying process.

As you prepare for your projects in the second half of 2019, be aware that you must always create an overview of priorities and initiatives. But make sure everyone understands how much these priorities will (and should) change. If you do quality marketing and really value your prospect's time, your marketing will actually be aligned with its time – not on a rigid and outdated plan.

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