//How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone [Fresh Examples]

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone [Fresh Examples]



 explain-content-marketing "width =" 390 "height =" 215 "/> Editor's Note: Explain Content marketing is an endless challenge.That's why we publish this article from last year with updated examples.</p><p> The concept of content marketing has existed for hundreds of years (<a href= see an example from 1672 ) and this discipline has gained incredible popularity since 2010, according to Google Trends .

 google-trends-content-marketing-2004-present "width =" 1093 "height =" 535 "/></p><p> But when CMI launched his e-book that answers <a href= common content marketing questions he learned that many readers are just getting started. For those in this category – or those who encounter misconceptions or misunderstandings about what is content marketing – I offer a quick overview for easy reference.

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Content Marketing That Your Family Would Understand

When people ask you what you do, is your answer ironic? "So, what exactly is it that you do," they ask after explaining your work.

My husband was in this camp until he told me about a bulletin that covers trends that affect the financial markets. He can not wait to receive it every day. He explained that the newsletters had nothing to do with the funds sold by the broker, but that the information was solid and useful for his investments.

"It's content marketing," I explained. It was a moment for my husband's understanding of content marketing – content marketing is educational but not about products sold by the company. The provider offers such good information that you become loyal to the brand.

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I can share another example close to my daughter's heart. American Girl uses content to transform something that is a commodity – a doll.

American Girl has so much content – and many content experiences – that her audience is really amazing. For example, he offers:

Although all the ways in which American Girl connects to his audience are too numerous to be covered in this article, I am particularly surprised by his printed publications . For example, The Care and Keeping of You is a book about growing up for girls. It ranks second in its category (and 71st most popular among all books on Amazon). It's a brand that sells dolls – but the subject has nothing to do with dolls.

 Girl's book on Amazon "width =" 836 "height =" 448 "/></p><p> In short, American Girl's content marketing focuses on how a child can interact with the doll or on things important to this population.</p><p> For parents, think of <a href= BabyCenter . When I was pregnant and then raised my eldest daughter, I considered that BabyCenter should be read. This is a perfect example of content marketing. According to its Web site it is the number one digital destination for pregnancy and parenting, and eight out of ten new online mothers and pregnant women use BabyCenter every month. The site is owned by Johnson & Johnson, which sells baby products.

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Explanation of Content Marketing to Traders

Let's hope these examples clearly show that content marketing is not about the brand, your products, or your services. This concerns your audience. What are they worried about?

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And more importantly, How can you be the one who provides something which in turn elevates your brand from a product to something that people embrace?

Pull-A-Part, an American chain of DIY auto-recycling sites, has created a one-of-a-kind video series, including this one on how to convert an unbeatable vehicle into a worthy pick-up truck. A hatchback.

 pull-apart-challenge-example "width =" 600 "height =" 464 "/> </a></p><p> Content marketing differs from traditional <a href= product marketing efforts such as sales information and other product-specific information. Content marketing includes articles such as educational articles ebooks, videos entertainment and webinars answering specific questions t going elsewhere. It's the best way to turn your product, no matter how often, into something that's not like everyone else's.

By becoming a trusted and authoritative resource on topics of interest to potential customers, your business is more likely to be discovered by the right public and earn its loyalty and trust allowing you to brand to strengthen customer relationships, develop an active and engaged subscriber base, and even increase its profits.


How Marketers Succeed with Content Marketing

While you nod your head thinking, "Yes, that's something I want to do," you certainly should not embrace content marketing because that's the thing to do.

Content marketing takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and patience – it's not for everyone . But this can be an ideal approach if you really want to offer a better experience to your customers while having a positive impact on your business in terms of perception and bottom line.

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Here are the main reasons why marketers choose to make the effort of content marketing.

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To be found by the right people (potential customers)

People ask questions and search for information via search engines such as Google, and you want your business to be at the top of the search results. Answering user questions via blog posts, ebooks, videos and other content is an essential way to achieve this. Of course, the presentation is only the first step, but it is essential if you want to take advantage of the benefits of content marketing.

EXAMPLE: An open-air retailer REI did an excellent job of answering questions and helping his audience through the content. On his YouTube channel, he offers dozens of videos based on the interests and needs of his audience, often answering common questions. Be it a backpacker who wants to know how to use a compass or a cyclist who needs to know how to repair a bicycle chain, REI provides the answers.

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To build an interested and engaged public

Your content is as valuable as its ability to attract audience members and compel them to collaborate with your business on an ongoing basis – for example, subscribers the evangelists or, ideally , the three. Once you have an addressable audience, your content efforts will help increase sales to collect valuable customer data and activate your most ardent supporters as brand advocates .

EXAMPLE: The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Built a Content Platform – Master This – Helping People Solve Their Life and Home Problems – he. Although the ultimate goal of Liberty Mutual is to boost insurance sales, the content does not focus on insurance products but on information that the public will find educational and useful. It also expanded access to educational content in in partnership with with Amazon's HowStuffWorks and Alexa to provide educational content via the voice-activated device .

 Liberty Mutual "width =" 1776 "height =" 884 "/></p><p><strong> RELATED CONTENTS: <a href= Roadmap to Success: Creating the Dream Content of Your Audience

To acquire new customers

Of course, revenue generation is a key goal for many marketers, and content marketing can be a powerful driver. When you create an audience that trusts you and want to hear from you, they are more likely to buy your products. For example, CMI subscribers are more likely to take advantage of CMI's paid offers, such as participation in Content Marketing World than non-subscribers.

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EXAMPLE: TD Ameritrade produces its print and digital magazine, thinkMoney for active customers – those who can trade as often as hundreds of times a day. In its early days, TDA reviewed the program to determine if it was worth continuing to spend money on the magazine. The leaders persevered and, after about two years, received a confirmation of its value: magazine subscribers and readers traded five times more than non-subscribers. In simple terms, those who subscribed to this magazine have become better customers for TD Ameritrade.

 td-ameritrade-thinkmoney "width =" 254 "height =" 331 "/></p><p><strong> APPARENT RELATED TO HANDING: <a href= The audience evaluation engine: a new model to calculate the value per subscriber

Increasing revenues of existing customers

Another reason businesses use content marketing is to create more loyal customers, which could increase sales through cross-selling or upselling. In some cases, the mark may monetize the content itself.

EXAMPLE: Sainsbury magazine is the UK's most popular culinary magazine, with 3 million paying subscribers – a paid content marketing effort. But even more remarkable, according to a 2015 company survey, eight out of ten readers bought a product from Sainsbury's after reading it in the magazine.

 sainsbury-magazine-uk "width =" 937 "height =" 600 "/></p><p><strong> RELATED CONTENT: <a href= See what Content Marketing really looks like

Reallocation or reduction of marketing costs

Organizations also use content marketing because they can achieve similar – or better – results compared to a "traditional" marketing program.

EXAMPLE: Jyske Bank is a large Danish bank which is now also active in the media sector. The company began using content marketing to achieve better results than its high-cost sponsorship marketing. She created Jyskebank.tv which produces an astonishing financial programming, as well as compelling articles that, according to the bank, are relevant to her target audience of young consumers and small businesses.

Today, Jyske works with companies interested in the expertise of its media: instead of setting up liquidity for external opportunities, Jyske receives partnership proposals from other organizations – an attractive option made possible helped him build.

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