//How to earn more money than to sell one's blog
how to earn more money than to sell ones blog - How to earn more money than to sell one's blog

How to earn more money than to sell one's blog



You can monetize your blog in many ways, especially if you have built it from the very beginning in order to promote all kinds of products and services. Although the title of the article may seem a little strange to you, we will not discuss how to sell your entire blog to anyone else to the letter. Instead, we'll give you some alternatives, which currently represent some of the best ways to generate revenue with your blog. That said, once your blog starts to generate revenue on a consistent monthly basis, you will be able to sell it later at a much higher price compared to a brand new and potentially revenue-generating blog, but not only. yet in reality.

how to earn more money than to sell ones blog - How to earn more money than to sell one's blog You
could work with other advertising networks and use
banner ads like platforms like Clicksdealer.com
but also,
could as well contact people or companies looking for places
advertise their businesses online.

this phase, we already assume that your blog, no matter what your niche
chosen, had an already established audience and generates consistent results
traffic month after month. Instead of selling the whole blog, you can sell
advertising space, which will result in banners, buttons / icons or links posted
on your blog.

Banner ads can generate a steady income because you can agree with your
partner, or partners, for a monthly payment.

Writing Sponsored Messages

you think that selling ads may not fit your blog, or you believe
that he should not be overloaded with a banner tone that could make it
a little less attractive to new visitors, the second best way to generate
income with your blog is by writing sponsored messages.

Writing honest reviews about particular products or services that are relevant to your audience and your niche is another great way to effectively monetize your blog.

Sponsorship space in
information letters

are even better if you have also managed to build a database of email subscribers.
Assuming you are in regular contact with your audience, send them emails
every time you post something on your blog, a predefined space of each
message could be sold to companies or business owners wanting to advertise their
products or services (assuming that these are related to your niche).

the information you want to provide to your audience, you can also mention
companies you work with, by adding a particular logo or application.
a link to their website (or a specific page on it).

as mentioned above, you can also include affiliate links on
your blog, use partnership programs like Google AdSense, sell digitally
products, promote membership programs (good way to generate residual income),
and many other ways to make your blog profitable. It's up to you to decide
What is the most appropriate path to choose? In general, people who read blogs are not really
aggressive advertising, your job will be to find discrete elements and
subtle ways to give them valuable information while monetizing your blog.

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how to earn more money than to sell ones blog - How to earn more money than to sell one's blog


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