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How to develop an internal content strategy that engages employees



how to develop an internal content strategy that engages employees - How to develop an internal content strategy that engages employees on the same page . It's about making your team feel noticed, understood and taken care of. It's about engaging the people who matter most and providing them with the support, understanding and independence they need to play the role you've given them.

In practice, an internal content strategy involves creating and distributing content to employees, staff, board members, and other internal stakeholders so that everyone is informed, engaged, and on the same page.

Most companies do not have a formal internal content strategy, which is their loss. But by taking the time to develop a concrete strategy with documented goals and practical steps, you are able to evolve with goals and clarity.

Your internal content strategy will not be as detailed and complex as your external content marketing strategy, but it does not mean that it lacks importance or value. Your employees are the people who help your business succeed. Support them with the right content at the right time and they will serve you well.

Different types of internal content

When first introduced to the idea of ​​an internal content strategy, many companies are not sure how to do it. As we discuss some tips for success in the next section, let's start by exploring some of the different types of existing internal content.

Internal Bulletins. By far the most commonly used content supports, internal newsletters are an excellent way to disseminate information to employees and internal stakeholders with ease and consistency. Most internal newsletters are emailed, although some companies still use printed newsletters.
Employee bulletin boards. As an employee, it is useful to know that you are understood. Employee discussion boards, whether hosted on an intranet or integrated with another platform, are great for publishing updates, launching conversations and allowing employees to interact with each other. the others (even on several sites).
Social Media Groups. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal for bringing people together and facilitating interactions. While social media is traditionally used as an external marketing support, it can also be used to host internal social media groups in which you share targeted content.
Employee Blogs. Like an employee newsletter, you may have an internal blog in which you authorize employees to write and publish blogs visible only to employees. other people from the company.

Some companies become very creative and incorporate other types of unique content into their internal strategies, but these are the most common. Use them as a starting point and feel free to expand into new territories once you are in the throat.

4 tips for a successful internal content strategy

Each internal content strategy is different, but if you want to see results, the following tips will help you. Take a look:

1. Establish a Content Concentrator

For large organizations with many sites and branches, a content hub is an effective option for organizing, archiving, and distributing content to as many internal stakeholders as possible.

GE has recently provided a good example of what a content hub is supposed to look like. In fact, their "My GE" platform won PR Week's internal communication campaign of the year 2016 . He received more than 65 000 visits and 50% of the users were recurring visitors.

2. Addressing Matters That Matter

It is not enough to publish internal content about trade policies and success stories of customers. Although these are interesting and useful, there is something to say to deepen and address issues relevant to your employees as individuals.

For example, addiction to drugs and alcohol is commonplace in the workplace . An internal strategy that recognizes and develops content to help these people (who are mostly silent) to produce huge returns.

Or maybe your employees find it hard to find a balance between work and personal life . Content that directly addresses this problem will be well received. Not only will this help employees find a better balance, but it also shows them that the company understands and cares about what they are going through.

3. Encourage the creation of content

For an internal content strategy to be well received, it must involve everyone. It's not enough to include executives and those responsible for the organization. Employees at all levels of the company should be encouraged to create content. This provides a sense of community involvement and authenticity that can not be matched when only a select few are in charge.

Not only do you need to contact different people in your company for direct requests for content, but it's also great to have an email address or submission form where employees can submit content whenever they want to. consider it useful.

4. Make the site interactive

The saturation of content on the Web is such that it is easy for a blog post or press release to go unnoticed. If your content is fairly simple and informative, you are probably not doing a good job at involving employees and optimizing your efforts.

One way to really engage employees in your internal content strategy is to develop interactive content . This includes videos, surveys, quizzes, games and live questions / answers.

Gathering Things

When you take care of your team, you will find that it is running on your behalf.

An internal content strategy concerns the empowerment of your employees and the guarantee that the main stakeholders are on the same side of the spectrum in order to mobilize customers and optimize their performance.

Do you do what it takes to strengthen your team?

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