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How to choose WordPress plugins by @martinibuster



how to choose wordpress plugins by martinibuster - How to choose WordPress plugins by @martinibuster

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WordPress plugins are useful. But they can also slow down a site, invite hackers and even cause a penalty to Google. Here are my top five considerations to consider when choosing a WordPress plugin.

Five WordPress plugin considerations

The plug-in is configured VettedPopularChangelog indicates that fairly regular updates are being updated.

A free plugin should ideally be approved by WordPress. WordPress provides a official repository of plugins on which free plugins of trust can be downloaded

If a problem is discovered with a free plugin, WordPress will remove the download of its repository. Typical problems may be the coding that results in a vulnerability, but they can also be related to other problems described in the WordPress Plugin Instructions .

This is not a perfect system to make sure the plugin is safe to install. But it is usually safer to download a plugin that is not available through the official WordPress repository.

Exceptions to this rule are premium paid plugins from reputable companies. Generally, premium plugins have a free version and a paid version. The fact that a free version has been validated by WordPress provides (to my eyes) the assurance that there is some kind of quality control.

There are premium plugins available and these plugins can undergo their own private tests. They are usually secure at the time of purchase and download. However, it may be helpful to research the testing and verification practices before purchasing.

The plugin is popular

I am not generally convinced of the wisdom of the crowd. However, I feel safe knowing that a WordPress plugin is popular and well liked.

The popularity itself does not guarantee that a plugin is not without problems. Some of the most popular plugins have been causing almost catastrophic problems or aligning web pages with useless code.

Nevertheless, popularity, coupled with other factors, can help ensure that the plugin is probably safe and secure. works reasonably well.

The change log shows regular updates

Some plugins may be dropped. The WordPress page of each plugin indicates the date of the last update of the plugin. A plugin may not be updated because its function is relatively simple. But in general, this is the sign that a plugin has been abandoned.

Abandoned plugins should in most cases be avoided. WordPress is constantly evolving. Installing a plug-in that has not been updated can cause conflicts with the current version of WordPress or with the version of PHP on which your website is running.

Support Comments

Every page of plugin in the WordPress plugin The repository has a support page. The support page can provide evidence if a plugin has problems running. Typical problems may be that the code conflicts with other plugins. Sometimes the WordPress template may require modifications for the plug-in to work.

The support page will show all the problems you may encounter before discovering them the hard way.

The plug-in is not superimposed. with an installed plugin

I see a common problem when two or more plugins designed to do the same thing overlap. This usually occurs with structured data optimization and speed plugins.

The usual result is that you have more plugins than you need. It is important to use as few plugins as needed. Overloading your site with plugins can slow down the server. Even a plugin designed to speed up your site can slow down your site if you use too much at the same time.

Before installing a plugin, think carefully about how this plugin will solve your problems. If that does not solve all the problems, will installing a second or a third plugin lead to a duplication of functions?

How to Choose a WordPress Plugin

These five considerations do not constitute a complete list of considerations. There are other factors that can be added, such as user reviews, the reputation of the company behind the plugin, if the plugin is too elaborate and slows down the site, and so on.

The plugin download may appear to be the Shell Game, where a pea is placed under a cup and then brewed. Do you make an educated guess or just a guess? This is what I consider important factors in determining whether a WordPress plugin is trustworthy and will help simplify the choice of a reliable WordPress plugin.

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