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How to be charismatic: Marketing with charm, heart and personality



Data, facts and logic make it easy to measure, predict and understand. It's about having concrete results. However, when it comes to marketing and creative campaigns, you really need something else: charisma.

No one wants to think about personality and charm when one is trying to increase sales or his bottom line, but you absolutely should. It turns out that the same thing that determined popularity in high school is also essential for the message, marketing and deepening of your brand.

What is charisma at first? How do you define the term "charismatic" and what role does it play in the success (or lack of success) of your marketing? How can something so ineffable be the essential ingredient of the success of a creative campaign?

Most importantly, how do you run it?

We will take a closer look at what charisma is, what charismatic implies, why people react and how everyone can use this basic knowledge to be more attractive in strategic campaigns.

What does charismatic mean?

Individuals are as important brands as any start-up, small business or enterprise. Everyone has a reputation. We all have a perceived value. We work with different levels of popularity with friends, colleagues and even family members. The success is determined by the efficiency with which they define, develop and commercialize this brand identity. However, what really sets us apart is something much more difficult to measure: charisma.

What is charisma? How do you define the charismatic? It is surprisingly difficult to arrive at an "in a word" answer to the question of what charismatic means. The New York Times to Psychology Today authorities agreed that there was no universal definition, but "you know it when you see it" . Merriam-Webster gives us this definition of the charismatic: "to have, to exhibit, or based on charisma or; a person who possesses special traits that attract, inspire or fascinate others: a person with charisma. "

This is, at least, a starting point for exploring larger questions, such as how to develop charisma or how to be charming – those charismatic personality traits mentioned earlier that attract, inspire, or fascinate.


charismatic personality traits

Charisma is based on the possession of specific personality traits and abilities, although having these characteristics and abilities does not necessarily guarantee that you will be charismatic, they are necessary to the future

Self-confidence According to Forbes most charismatic people have a high degree of self-confidence. comfortable and, moreover, they inspire the confidence of others.They know their value and never try to be anyone else than what they are

Look at Cardi B. has a lot of confidence in you. Whether she likes or hates her music, she understands how to control an audience:

How does she create "Cardi B effect?" As pointed out NPR : "A brand power rooted in a specific authenticity, created and impregnated by …. Direct honesty, hissing, laughing, light to moderate twerking, curling the tongue, kissing teeth, breaking cards and dripping puffs of the Bronx.

More importantly, it can bring together a group of people in the same physical space that would never be dragged into the real world. Now it's a special gift. She talks about her beliefs, which held the truth to many types of people from all walks of life.

Joy. Although we may have difficulty defining what charisma really means, it is undeniable that one of the most immediately perceptible features is the spark of life that these people seem to have. They are passionate and live their lives with joy. They are able to persuade others to join their cause by passion.

In general, narration always has an arc … basically external conflicts, personal or internal, in the life of a character and history is how intelligent, creative are in the process to close this gap, dynamically. Have they trampled or bred people by doing it? In the case of Audi's "Promote yourself" campaign, their TV spot describes a woman who has ALL THREE holes. The CEO salutes her as an employee of the year, in front of all the members of the company … (outside). She SHOULD feel joy … but it's clear she's not. (inside) What's missing is doing things in his own way, starting his own business. (Staff) This is not given to her, she has to go out and get hold of him … that's why we like her. The visuals contain references from the book "The Secret" (she updates her "Vision Board" list with a NEW vision that suggests her inner feelings). An "enlightened" departure from Jerry McGuire (making a scene when she leaves her job) while showing determination, challenge, trust … and even inspiring the audience from her office and on the street (outside: she takes concrete steps to achieve his dreams) a visual inspiration for all who look at it.

When you create all this level of context, with all these layers of emotions, stories and visual communications, it 's an entire emotional story of what' s going on. is really the "joy". looks like:

He also feeds on other emotions such as:

Empathic. According to Inc the most charismatic people in the world are equally empathetic. That is, they are easily able to put themselves in someone else's shoes. In addition, they create empathy in others. This is the secret of how charismatic people connect with others with such ease – they empathize with their audience.

Able to express his emotions well. This is an area where many of us struggle. Of course, you can express anger, or perhaps happiness, but what about subtle nuances of emotion? Charismatic individuals can express the full range of human emotions, and they do it well.

Bright spirit. All charismatic people share a keen mind and have the ability to adapt to the subtle changes of a situation, according to CNBC . This allows them to say the right thing at the right time to influence others and tell the right story for each situation.

Amazon's campaigns have done a great job in capturing these last three.

Even at the end, the girl "hangs up" from her father, with a charming attitude, keeps the reality before things get too "sweet and syrupy". In just a few seconds, we experience real, genuine people, with great love and connection, living a busy life and expressing real emotions that we can all tell as well … or at least we aspire to.

Quite funny, the Facebook portal spots are similar. In fact, I was looking for "Alexa" incorrectly on Youtube before discovering it. The problem is that there are few differences between Amazon's campaigns. What I preferred to Amazon is the fact that they only reveal that they speak at the end of the device, which becomes a surprise and really enhances the transparency of the experience. Here, there is no surprise, but the scene is delicate at first, until the parents adopt a new position that gives us the impression of authenticity:

Just to be clear , make sure you do not cheat with emotions and story because it's really what you should pay when your team or partners help you create your campaign messaging! The emotion is where the magic is. It's not enough to show that the end result. When you do that, the story is flat … or worse, does not exist. This is what most forgettable ads have been doing for decades. They do what is called in the game world "play the result". They show emotion, without arc, without construction, without context and expect you to take it seriously. value? The problem is that, without struggle or context, the emotions (joy, happiness, excitement, etc.) are only superficial because the story and the character or the story did not gain our respect, for so to speak. It did not give us any experience.

In this example, the voiceover is trying to provide context. But I do not feel anything, so I turned away. What do you think?

But be aware that you do not have to be so "on the nose". You can also go completely against what you want to convey in order to make a deeper point. but you just have to do it with style. You can create a ridiculous problem that goes against all standards … while adding humor to the situation like that of AT & T with their "OK" campaigns:

All features and capabilities mentioned above apply just as much to organizations, brands and even marketing campaigns as they do for individuals. They also have a personality and must understand and think about the same things as you and me.

For example, when / how / why do you make a connection with someone to begin with? Typically, this is when you talk about fear, loss, and exposure to vulnerability, which empathizes with the other party and possibly a connection. Your narration should not be different. Just watch what movies win at the Oscars every year, year after year, and you'll find that it's exactly what they do.

Now that we have explored charisma and charismatic meaning, it is time to turn our attention to another subject. Specifically, we will examine in detail how to be charming and how to develop charisma.

How to Be Charming: Tips and Tricks to Unlock Your Charisma

That's All Well to understand the traits that help define charismatic individuals, as well as brands and marketing campaigns successful. But how do you unlock your charisma? For those who are wondering how to have a charismatic personality, these tips and tricks will help you.

Commitment: be present while actively listening

Active listening – the art of really paying attention to what someone Another says or does – is a characteristic of charismatic individuals. How do you show that you are actively listening to the other party? It is communicated through body language. He expresses himself by making eye contact. This is demonstrated by installing devices that allow you to focus on what is communicated.

Brands and marketing teams can exploit the same ploy. This means that the user starts by thinking instead of thinking about the brand. By interacting with your ideal audience via social media and ensuring responsive customer service and / or marketing teams, you show that you are actively listening to your customers' concerns. Of course, this goes well beyond simply responding to comments left on Facebook publications, although this type of engagement is also essential. It covers the creation of materials that explore the topics that most interest your audience, whether written, infographic or online video. It also involves taking additional steps to show that you value what your audience thinks and wants, such as surveys and polls.

Why, however? Should not the situation be the opposite? Actually no. You are in business to help your customers and you can not do it if you do not listen. There are also additional benefits to find here. For example, actively listening to your customers will help you discover success stories that you can share with your audience. This helps to improve customer loyalty and create brand ambassadors. This even has an effect on customer spending and boosts your profitability.

So, listen actively. Know what is said. Show that you care. Take part in the conversation.

Know your strengths and play with them

As mentioned earlier, charisma comes from self-confidence and inspiration that one's can have in itself. It's about knowing what's good for you and building on those skills to boost your self-confidence. Maybe you are a joker. You can use humor to improve your self-confidence, but also to connect with others. Perhaps you are an expert in finding facts and figures, then assimilating the details and painting an accurate picture of the subject. Maybe you have the gift of gab, or maybe you are very persuasive. All of these can help you gain the confidence you need to succeed.

The same goes for brands and organizations. What is your company doing better? What are the strengths of your startup compared to the competition? What is your unique selling proposition? Identify your strengths and then use them in your marketing campaigns. Do you do good humor? Are you empathic? Do you solve the problems? You must show your audience how you add value; you can not just say that you do. It is essential to go out and prove it.

Be less egocentric

You are on a date and the other person simply does not want to shut up and how great they are. They are the most amazing and the best. In the meantime, you grind your teeth counting seconds until you can cut the night and go home alone. No one likes an overly selfish person. There is a whole psychological classification called narcissism. Asking about the other person and listening to his interlocutors is even more charming than constantly shouting at yourself.

In the same spirit, brands and organizations must break with the narcissistic marketing mode that they are stuck. Of course, your product is the best on the market. Your service is amazing. Stop talking about it already. Endless self-promotion will only drive away your audience. They are not really interested. Instead, engage with your audience. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Get involved in the conversation (and to have a conversation, there must be a two-way flow of information, so stop openly promoting). Become a member of the community and generate value.

Cardi B. seems to contravene this rule, because his intense presence seems to suck the oxygen all around him. It works for her but the effect can be polarizing for many, so it really depends on your goals. If your brand is not even on the map, an aggressive approach could generate short- and long-term gains, which justifies the risk of standing out from the others compared to a failed and failed brand. It really depends on your brand and your position in the market.

Think of it as follows: for most brands, a creative message appealing to emotions is more effective than calls to action that require specific behavior.

Dissemination of Passion and Positivity

People who have a charismatic personality are passionate and practice positivity (most of the time). These traits are important because they attract other people. A passionate person can win even opponents to a cause that matters to them. A positive person raises others so that people simply look for them to spend time with them.

There is also the fact that the sharing of passions evokes empathy and intimacy, that you are organizing a fundraiser to support a non-profit organization with a cause that holds you at heart, or you are fighting for the social recognition of a little-known medical disorder that affects a loved one. Enthusiasts help others see things from their point of view – they open their eyes and widen their minds. They teach and gather others. They create a sense of community and camaraderie.

Brands and organizations can draw on the same thing. How? Consider getting interested in the passions of your audience. What's igniting them? What makes their engine run? What are the causes, topics or problems that elicit their own passions? Consider supporting non-profit organizations involved in causes and issues of importance to your audience. Support social movements that are valuable to your customers. Also encourage the brand to play a more active role.

In addition, you can also focus on creating positive messages – do not throw mud at the competition. Do not be negative. Create edifying video content, be positive on social media. Creative messaging is definitely more charming than the alternative.

Become a Better Narrator

When you communicate with others, you do it by focusing on what you want. feel or get away from the conversation? If that's the case, you're bypassing your success. Those with a charismatic personality focus instead on what others feel during the conversation. It's not about the message. It's about how the story makes your audience feel – the emotional connection you make with someone else.

The same goes for brands and marketing campaigns. Use humor, passion and a shared human connection to create stories that resonate with your audience emotionally. Think of it this way: when you create a marketing video do you start with an idea of ​​the message or a specific audience or character in mind?

If it is old, you have problems. If this is the last case, you are on the right track. The best videos do not start with a message, but by a public or a person, and use their needs, interests and emotions to guide them in their journey.

In Conclusion

When all is said and done, charisma can be built over time. This applies to both individuals and brands and offers tremendous benefits. Whether you want to be more successful on a personal level or want to build a stronger, future-oriented brand that's loyal to your customers, learning to be charismatic is an essential step.

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