//How Over 60 Can They Earn Money Through Social Media
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How Over 60 Can They Earn Money Through Social Media



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If you still think social media is only for millennia, think about it! As more and more people reach old age and stay healthy longer, more and more seniors are turning to social media to share their experiences online. Just like the rest of us.

(Oh, and a little note on "Millennials" – did you know that the oldest cohort of this generation will turn 40. Yeah, it's time to start using a different word for youth! )

So, if you're over 60 and enjoy spending time on social networks, have you ever considered making money?

Here are some ideas for this:

Become a 'granfluencer'

One of the most interesting developments in the social media field is the steady increase in the number of senior influencers. There is no doubt that we live in an ageist society and it is really encouraging to have influencers able to challenge it head-on.

Also, to be quite honest, it is far more interesting to have men and women who have all lived in your feed than the cycle of life with aspirations. To laugh. Love postures are often influenced by young influencers.

In many cases, these older influencers are famous by accident. A post of a great-grandchild staging them explodes. Or, in some cases, their iconic 'look' is spotted by a street photographer and they become famous. Or maybe years spent together have turned them into "common goals" for the whole world.

True story! Here are four social media 'granfluencers' that match these descriptions:


Bio: stealing your man since 1928

Followers: 3.8 million

History: Helen Ruth Elam van Winkle, aka 'Baddie', is a 91-year-old fashionista with a penchant for rainbow colors and a rebellious soul from Kentucky, in the USA. She became famous in 2014 after her great-granddaughter posted a photo of her in cut jean shorts and a high complexion while giving a peace sign. Since then, she has lived her absolute best life: organizing glamorous parties, being invited to prestigious events and collaborating with brands in exciting campaigns.


Bio: none (it is cool)

Followers: 52k

History: Walking to the beat of her own drum, Lance Walsh is a 58-year-old London fruit merchant whose street style of drugs has always attracted attention. With his tracksuits inspired by hip-hop and the like, Walsh has always been a popular subject for snapshots. But then, one day, he attracted the attention of Ben Awin a reputed street photographer, and the rest belongs to the story, as they say. Lance still appears in Awin's power wire relatively regularly and now has more than double the popular photographer's followers.


Bio: According to Google Translate, the husband of their Japanese bio and his white-haired wife (husband = good wife = pon), 511 is our wedding anniversary (1980.5.11), our book is for sale –

Followers: 799k

History: By far the cutest couple you'll ever meet on Instagram, Bon and Pon's accounts feature photos of them dressed in minimalist, chic chic outfits. Some of the photos are taken during their travels, while others are just their everyday life. Their clothing choices are so pleasing to the eye that they will soon be launching their own clothing line in Japanese department stores! Apart from that, they have also published two books and continue to win hearts around the internet.

The secret to making money as an influencer on social networks is, of course, finding opportunities to extend your "brand" beyond the limits of a screen. So, if you plan to become Instafamous, definitely take a page from the book of Bon and Pon!

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One of the things that tends to happen after age 60 is the dreaded "dismantling" of your household.

Maybe you are moving into a smaller home or maybe you feel the need to have fewer things that weigh you down now.

Whatever it is, you can earn enough pocket money by selling it all online!

If you have not noticed, everything that is "vintage", "retro" and even "old fashioned" tends to evolve. And one of the most dynamic business centers for selling these items? Instagram!

Setting up a shop on Instagram is as easy as creating a profile for yourself! All you need to do is take some great snapshots of the products you want to sell, post them, add the appropriate hashtags and wait for orders to arrive.

For more information on how to do this, read our article on how to make money selling products online.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Art / Crafts / Your Recipes

Finally, retirement is the perfect time to invest more energy and resources in a hobby you've always loved.

You can certainly do it for the sheer pleasure of doing that, but it could also be a great way to earn extra income.

Whether you're cooking delicious food, sewing beautiful clothes or making pretty pottery, open a professional account on Facebook and Instagram to share your products with a wider audience.

Even if you have to spend a little money promoting items, it may be worth it in the long run as your clientele grows. This will almost certainly result in sales!