//How content enters the scene to change the perception of the brand [Example]
1536997424 how content enters the scene to change the perception of the brand example 760x490 - How content enters the scene to change the perception of the brand [Example]

How content enters the scene to change the perception of the brand [Example]



how content enters the scene to change the perception of the brand example - How content enters the scene to change the perception of the brand [Example]

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When was the last time you went to a casino? When was the last time you went to Las Vegas for the game?

Although many people do, a much larger number of people do not place the game or Las Vegas at the top of their to-do list.

Brand recognition in a larger market, while keeping existing customers demanding a return, posed a challenge to MGM Resorts International. With its flagship property, MGM Grand, a close associate in Las Vegas, few people realize the number of properties the company operates (in Las Vegas and around the world), let alone what MGM Resorts offers, apart from a casino experience.

The transformation of the market vis-à-vis the company is the goal of the digital, organizational and cultural transformation that the company goes through. Instead of just playing, MGM Resorts wants its 28 global properties to be known for its almost universal appeal: entertainment.

Content occupies a central place in this effort. But it's not just any content.

"Beverley Jackson, vice president of social strategy at MGM Resorts International, said," You do not say you're going to compete with Disney and then release content that resembles Firestone's. "

Do not say that you are competing with Disney and that you are presenting content that looks like Firestone, says @BevJack Click to Tweet ]

Beverly's leadership role in the strategy, design, creation and distribution of social content promoting these experiences earned her a Content Marketer nomination. year. And it offers several lessons for other marketers.

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Helping Individual Voices Work Together

MGM Resorts International operates many well known brands including Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Mirage, Circus Circus and others in Las Vegas. Many of these properties have distinct brand characteristics and audience segments. Aria, for example, praises the experiences of smart technologies such as tablet-controlled services, while Circus Circus focuses on family-friendly amusement park-type experiences.

When Beverly joined the company in 2015, one of her challenges was to create a social strategy and a presence for the parent brand, MGM Resorts International. Although people knew the individual property brands, the parent brand only counted on Wall Street, as investors assessed the company's overall inventory.

Beverly brought together for the first time all the social strategists and brand content and the creators into one central department. Although they are now working together, the teams retain the tone and approach that suit each property.

Consider the difference in tone between this tweet of Circus Circus:

Nothing like that feeling … RT, if you agree. pic.twitter.com/uxow81DruB

– Circus Circus (@CircusVegas) June 30, 2018

And that of Aria:

Adopt the views of spring. https://t.co/OINWT2Skjx pic.twitter.com/fBT7wsNac0

– ARIA Las Vegas (@AriaLV) April 10, 2018

Although experience differs, the theme of entertainment unites them. In fact, the idea that entertainment is a human invention links the content of the brand.

thanks for a record year, @goldenknights . because of you, the city #vegasborn . pic.twitter.com/4lnrsG6RB1

– MGM Resorts (@MGMResortsIntl) June 8, 2018

And the emphasis on entertainment extends to properties far beyond the Strip. Social content, for example, in August 2018, at the opening of MGM Springfield in Massachusetts, highlighted the diversity of entertainment available.

Games are supported. But the same goes for cooking and meals

The countdown has begun, which means that @ChefMichaelMina the culinary delights of Cal Mare are much closer. https://t.co/cwPHkQ7dmo pic.twitter.com/SgLM159MlW

– MGM Springfield (@MGMSpringfield) August 14, 2018

… and even reading quietly.

Relax and let your imagination wander in 4 days. 08.24.18 https://t.co/ek5eqWrtDv pic.twitter.com/tq3GSK3O9g

– MGM Springfield (@MGMSpringfield) August 20, 2018

The content combines the new property with many Vegas staples, but also shows what the property offers regardless of your interest in the games. The Boston Globe has taken note, the appellant " as little Vegas as Springfield itself ".

Create an experience at 360

MGM Resorts owns 400 restaurants and nightclubs and annually hosts thousands of events featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment: Bruno Mars, Cher, Rickie Martin, Lady Gaga and Aerosmith. She also owns a WNBA (Las Vegas Aces) basketball team and the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena, home of the NHL's Golden Knights, Stanley Cup contenders in her freshman year .

Much of the related content created and promoted by by the Beverly team applies to social networks (as in this example):

thanks for a record year, @goldenknights . because of you, the city #vegasborn . pic.twitter.com/4lnrsG6RB1

– MGM Resorts (@MGMResortsIntl) June 8, 2018

But the MGM Resorts team is also looking to create experiences that bring people along the customer journey. When Beverly talks about "content," she talks about content for social channels and marquees, in-room devices or mobile devices, and the application of the company.

"We have to be able to tell amazing stories in increments of 60, 45, 30 and 15 seconds and on a 4-inch by 2-inch screen," she says.

And stories must do more than entertain. "Social and content are designed to hit people where they are and move them forward," says Beverly. "Someone in the exploration phase (can) can see beautiful pictures of suites and videos to excite them about the trip. If someone is in town, he may be looking for things to do. We turn to to conquer their attention and gain a greater voice. "

That's why his team uses content to highlight experiences rather than focusing on hotel rooms. On MGM Resorts' social networks, you'll find plenty of specialty drink content in a lounge bar, poolside activities and tips on booking spas in one of the properties.

This content comes from Beverly's team of strategists and "decision makers" who create and run articles on every touchpoint at every experience. Most of the members of the team can film and edit videos and create content and define the strategy to follow on all channels .

For example, Beverly accused the staff member who manages the WNBA team of creating a narrative through the content that it captures. They are working on an approach that models a 24-second timer, in which they bring players to a series of quick-fire questions for a long, continuous shot.

"We find this kind of approach captivating because it stops viewers and engages them socially," says Beverly. "This person plans everything the way we shoot, the way we edit it and the music we use. Our social team has the last word on content because they engage people online. "

Trapped with The Rook @_ ajawilson22 just before the last game today at The House. pic.twitter.com/jabuTWjphF

– Las Vegas Aces ♦ ️ ♠ ️ (@LVess) August 19, 2018


Measuring returns according to priorities

The content clearly plays a big role in the transformation of the company. Of course, behind the scenes, numbers matter. There are tickets for sale and coins to fill.

To illustrate the contribution of her team's efforts, Beverly reports three sets of key performance indicators. Although she can not share the results publicly, she describes everyone's expectations.

Knowledge of the brand and preference which leads to a share of portfolio and voice. This sector is in transition due to the shift from the gaming brand and hospitality to an entertainment brand.

Traffic to the brand websites. The Beverly team monitors the origin of traffic on social networks as well as the evolution of the social situation through the MGM experience. Some site visitors explore their options before arriving at their destination. Some are looking for things to do in town. Over the past two years, the company has experienced double-digit growth in Web site traffic from social networks.

The mobile application. The MGM app allows people to book hotel rooms, book events, get tables in a nightclub and book cabanas by the pool. They can bet on a pool or nightclub game and get their winnings in a mobile wallet. "The application is a newly launched product and I stepped in because they were going to launch it with a display campaign," Beverly explains. "Social is an important channel to download the application now."

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Choose the right people

The Beverly team serves as an in-house agency for the properties as a whole and collaborates with various external agencies and visiting teams of interpreters to find and create the right content.

. @ The MGMResortsIntl #content team serves as an internal agency to all its properties, says @BevJack. Click to Tweet

She insists that when you create a social media team, you need to find people who can work closely together. And these people have to be a mix of creators, strategists and community managers. "It's the combination of the people who kicked off the party, who helps people have fun, and who makes sure it continues," she says.

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