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Guilt in the face of work: what is it and 3 ways to overcome it



Are you an isolated employee who's already chastised for not getting dressed in the morning? Or, did you find yourself over-explaining your productivity during the week? If this is the case, it is possible that worked at home (WFH) guilty. Although it may sound silly, the guilt of the WFH is a reality. It's that slightly shameful feeling that you get as a result of a flexible job. In recent years, I have built my career in the comfort of my own home, so I know her well. I provide quality career services to clients I am really happy to work with but sometimes I feel guilty doing it at home.

To be honest, distance work has come a long way. Just a few years ago, working parents, frequent travelers and digital nomads struggled for more flexibility in their work. While some employees argue for at least one day of remote work per week, others have figured out how to do what they like without ever leaving their home. So, whether you're working remotely all the time, occasionally or not (and working on it), you can defeat the guilt of your WFH in 3 simple steps.

1. Stay productive.

One of the most common stigmas among remote employees is that they are cold in the clock. Interestingly, when I was an internal employee, I was never accused of staying quiet during working hours. Getting up and going to work was enough to "convince" people that I was an active (and therefore productive) member of the workforce. When I started working at home, people started asking questions such as, "Do you take naps during the day?" (I do), "Do you work in pajamas?" (I do it absolutely) and "Do you work at regular hours? ? "(Yes … if you consider that 12 hours are normal). Distance work always rivals our definition of "regular work". Fortunately, if you meet work deadlines, if you meet the goals of the team and stay responsive during work hours, you are just as productive as an internal employee.

2. Check the statistics.

Do not be afraid, the data is on your side! The population of remote workers has increased by more than 11% since 2008. So, if you work from home, you are in good company. Not to mention that fewer commuters on the road leads to a decrease in air pollution and a decrease in road traffic. You also benefit from increased employee engagement and greater efficiency. Moreover, in 2014, PGI concluded that 82% of remote workers reported low stress because of greater work flexibility. Employees with more satisfaction, commitment and efficiency are a win for the manager, the company and even for the environment. Even if you feel a little complacent when working from home, do not forget that the statistics are good for you. As long as you use your work time positively, you can spend your day without guilt.

3. Maximize your time.

Remote workers tend to have fewer distractions than internal employees, resulting in faster turnaround times. If you finish an early project, fight the urge to go shopping or watch Netflix. Instead, start the next project. Delete your inbox, update your calendar or register with your team to see if you can help them. Do not feel obligated to work during your lunch break simply because you are at home – take breaks as needed. Head to your coffee shop, bookstore, or shared workspace when you want to change settings. Making the most of your workday will help you feel less guilty and more energetic for your work.

In the end, your guilt for the WFH is related to what people think you do and what you actually do. Your colleagues, your managers, and even your family and friends may have a misconception of your work day, but you do not have to feel guilty about their perception of work from a distance. Your job is to be a hard-working member of the team, who respects corporate policies and best practices, like everyone else. After all, you were given a remote task because you can do the work at home, at the office or elsewhere. So log in at the time, get up and get to work!

Kaila Kea is a Career Coach and Resume Expert. Connect with her on LinkedIn .

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