//Guide to Best Practices in PPC Geolocation by @digital_future
1548873548 guide to best practices in ppc geolocation by digital future 760x403 - Guide to Best Practices in PPC Geolocation by @digital_future

Guide to Best Practices in PPC Geolocation by @digital_future



guide to best practices in ppc geolocation by digital future - Guide to Best Practices in PPC Geolocation by @digital_future

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Why is geotargeting so important?

He brings many improvements to the efforts of sizing, to the budget optimization and to an alignment of perspectives with other marketing channels ( both digital and non-digital).

Whatever the scope, any paid search strategy is incomplete without geo-targeting considerations.

What a Paid Research Effort Has a Significant Impact A small budget, goal awareness or direct response, has been working for some time or is starting for the first time, geo-targeting is a key element to consider.

In fact, the benefits of geographic targeting go beyond paid search. It applies to marketing in general.

Although they are essential to paid search engine marketing, the principles of geo-targeting are appreciated by all marketers, that they are agnostic in terms of channels and resources. # 39; tools.

Anyone who understands them is well placed to develop. omnichannel marketing strategy that includes social marketing channels, both traditional and non-digital, such as television or radio.

Below you will find a number of use cases that should convince you to make geographic targeting a priority. As you will see, these high-level strategic benefits.

Below are some practical tips to avoid common pitfalls in geotargeting. Many of them will seem obvious, but are often overlooked.

Advantages of Geolocation

Start small before becoming big

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is there possibility of to launch in one or more places when one is uncertain of the potential results or that the budget limits it severely.

You can launch certain countries, states, regions or even more precisely target DMA, ZIP / ZIP code or radius level.

Identify the most efficient and inefficient traffic segments

An analysis of the performance of your campaign based on your location will show how it varies by location. You can then focus on the areas where the results are better aligned or better than the objectives while moving away from others where the results are less interesting.

For example, you may find that your ability to achieve the objectives of the PCL is due to several states. You'll get above-average results, while everyone else will make up for that.

You can use geo-targeting to create a campaign that targets only the most effective states, ensuring that they are fully funded by other, less-effective, depriorized states for the purpose of budgeting.

Presentation of granularity

Geographical targeting allows you to visualize "the forest and the trees" of your performance. Of course, it is important to understand the overall operation of campaigns.

In fact, I would encourage even not to be hung up on the details of geotargeting offers. As long as the objectives are broadly achieved, there is no reason to change the overall approach.

However, the devil is in the details and geotargeting is a great way to periodically check if adjustments are needed. Geo-targeted information may not affect your overall strategy, but it will indicate which markets need more attention to fine-tune the performance of paid search.

Alignment on information from other channels

For many non-research marketing channels, place (one of the 4 P's of marketing) plays a key role in the formulation of the strategy.

For results to be effectively combined in multichannel holistic learning, it is essential to have paid search marketing. strategy with alignment of geographic targeting on other marketing channels.

Many marketing strategies aim to invest a certain budget specifically for a certain physical domain, the remaining P's (products, prices, promotions) being specially adapted for this purpose.

For example, an IT service provider may want to import a product into states where it is not sufficiently covered by a sales team and therefore needs a digital push encouraging users to register for an essay. ine.

For maximum integration, the search engine marketing strategy should not simply target the same states. It is essential to align closely with the unique service proposal and pricing of messaging and collect the key performance indicators that are typically measured for each of the targeted markets.

Geo-targeting tips for your PPC campaigns

1. Avoid unnecessary hyper-targeting

Do not get carried away. With the many tools offered by the engines (for example, the Google Guide on Geographical Locations and the Bing Ads Geographical Targeting Guide ), it's easy to try out hyper targeting at a granular level.

The results of many small campaigns will turn against small budgets that are difficult to manage and unstable results. Small geographic areas (eg ZIP codes or small radius targets) often do not produce consistent results due to low traffic.

2. Divide your campaign into time zones

Your target zone may not be in the same time zone as the one where you or your customer are.

Do not forget to set the launch, report and shutdown hours according to the location. the target users are.

If multiple time zones are involved, you can even configure multiple campaigns.

If you do not know it yet, you may run out of resources. budget before the end of the day due to users of previous time zones (for example, US EST) who consumes the most

This is particularly important for campaigns international paid search

3 Group with similar markets

If the effort warrants further optimization, consider further refining the criteria by grouping areas with the same performance with other markets targeted by a campaign "Catch all".

But take note, this is simply a budget management gesture.

The objective is to better allocate the budget by ensuring that areas with similar performances can be managed with a reduced budget for each of them, compared to all the markets grouped together in one and the same campaign. most expensive traffic.

As long as similar performance areas are in the same time zone, the language targeting is the same and can use a common landing page. It is not necessary that pages be side by side.

Suppose your Spanish campaign is targeting Texas. San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth all have similar CPLs, which is above the goal, which warrants greater attention.

Although San Antonio is not near Dallas or Fort Worth, this is not a problem. As long as the above conditions are met, since they are all in the same time zone, they will have the same language

4. Target strategically important markets separately from the rest

] Often, some areas will need to be targeted for strategic reasons. For example, they may be flagship store locations, counties with ranked commercial team offices, or a highly competitive region.

In these cases, make sure the targeting is large enough to capture significant traffic. I would recommend using radius targeting based on a reasonable driving time for a user to need your product or service.

A bank urging users to visit a new agency to discuss offers of loans and loans will warrant wider geographic targeting from a home. supply store promoting the clearance of potted plants at the end of the season.

The first being a more important element, the target audience of the bank will be willing to drive much longer than a person saving a few dollars on plants.

5. Configuration of an Evolutionary Naming Convention

Now that you have configured many different campaigns based on the tips above, it is time to develop an evolving campaign naming convention.

For ease of reporting and consistency, make sure all campaigns have a location for all possible fields.

You will find below three possible campaign names. Note that the last catch-all campaign has a field after the dash clearly indicating how it targets the rest of the state.

Generic-Plants-CA_TopGeneric-Plants-CA_Los Angeles_San Jose_San DiegoGeneric-Plants-CA_Rest

6. Do not forget the negative locations

Attention to the overlap! In the example above, the third campaign will target all of California, including the locations of the first and second campaigns.

For the above structure to work, the last campaign must involve all markets in other campaigns as negative.

7. Choose the right method of targeting

Three options are available, with great implication for the one you have chosen.

People in your target location

For most advertisers, this is the appropriate setting if you only want to show ads only to people in your location physically at the designated location.

Select, for example, this option if you are targeting German users in Germany who are advertising flights. from German to London.

Persons Who Express Interest in Your Target Country

This includes people who are not physically in the designated location, but who are looking for it.

For example, a restaurant wishing to target tourists could launch a campaign with this setting to target people before they arrive at their location.

Combination of 1 and 2

This is the widest form of target g, it is more delicate to analyze, and I do not would not recommend it.

Since user behavior varies by location depending on the results, I suggest that you only have 1 and 2 format campaigns. This will make it easier for you to describe how. the results of people in the location differ from those of people outside the location. This will also help to control budgets more effectively.

8. Do not settle and forget

Trends in geographic targeting change often. What worked a year can not next year. As each new month approaches, review the ideas of MJ and MOM to see if a different goal is needed.

Mature campaigns are often the best solution to improve geographic targeting, but new efforts may also benefit from a more detailed result. in the market approach.

If you do not do a lot of geographic targeting or you have not revisited your settings, try it!

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