//Grammarly tops YouTube's TrueView for Action 2018
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Grammarly tops YouTube's TrueView for Action 2018



grammarly tops youtubes trueview for action 2018 - Grammarly tops YouTube's TrueView for Action 2018

In 2018, YouTube published the top of the top ten TrueView for Action ads with the "60 seconds" slot of Grammarly's "Enhance Your Writing". The end-of-the-year ad rankings were only about the format of the direct response ads, a change from YouTube's regular annual list, which ranked all of the most popular video ads.

Why You Should Care

YouTube's attention to the TrueView for Action ad format is a positive sign of its interest in attracting more advertisers with outstanding performance. TrueView for Action ads were officially launched in March. They offer a personalized call for action that appears under the video on the mobile or next to the video player while reading an ad on the desktop. Advertisements may be associated with Custom Intention Hearings to reach Internet users based on the history of their recent searches.

Grammarly, the online grammar tool, ranks first among YouTube's first annual TrueView for Action Top Ad List based on an algorithm that takes into account the total reach, clicks, and commitments. Grammarly's "Enhance Your Writing" ad included a persistent "free download" call to action embedded in the video ad that featured the "Grammarly Call to Action" inlay. The overlay is linked to the Grammarly homepage where users can download the software.

This list shows that Wix and Netflix ads are among the top ten agencies alongside lesser advertisers like Grammarly. They show that big brands like niches use the new TrueView for Action ad format.

More information about the best TrueView for Action ads from YouTube

Monday.com, League of Legends, Nectar Mattress and World of Warships round out the top five TrueView for Action ads of 2018. You'll find the full list of the best TrueView for Action ads of the year here .
The call to action items in TrueView for Action ads may include creative elements such as logos or images. If an advertiser does not select an image for the ad, Google will automatically pull it from the ad's landing page.
The call to actions continues to appear at the bottom of the host video, even if the video ad is ignored by the viewer.

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