//Google Launches Shoppable Image Ads and Videos in Shopping Showcase Ads

Google Launches Shoppable Image Ads and Videos in Shopping Showcase Ads



Google's Shoppable Image ads may appear on third-party sites (left) and Google Image Search (right).

This week, Google announced two new ad formats for brand and retail advertisers before the holiday season, which offer shopping experiences on third-party sites, Google Image Search and Google Search. .

Add a video in the Showcase Shopping ads

Now, Google is deploying another space for retail marketers and brands to extend the footprint of their video resources. This time in Search with videos in Showcase Shopping ads.

Showcase ads are the multi-image shopping format launched by Google last year. When users click on the ads, they go to a Google-hosted installation page with selected promotions, descriptions, and products in the advertiser's product feed. They usually display on brands and general queries.

Videos are displayed in the position of the selected image. After clicking on the ad, the video is read at the top of the Google-hosted homepage, which offers a selection of products from the advertiser's product feed.

Google highlights Showcase Shopping ads as a way to attract new customers and should be considered a high-end take-up format. According to Google, Showcase's best location has a 3.6x average conversion rate and Showcase receives a 20% higher conversion credit, depending on the first click attribution.

This option is currently available to advertisers who already show Showcase Shopping ads.

Videos in Showcase Shopping ads.

Piloting Shoppable Image ads

Google said that more than a third of holiday buyers last year had searched for images before they shop at a store. To appear in front of these people while looking for images on other sites as well as Google image search, Google publishes Shoppable Image ads.

By clicking on the tag icon in a Shoppable Image ad on a third-party site, you bring up a carousel of ads containing products whose products are similar to those in the image.

In Google searches, Shoppable Image ads are large units. The products presented in the image are labeled with the prices. The units are labeled as "sponsored" and also have a white shopping icon in the lower left corner.

You may not see them often, but expect the print volume of the format to increase over time.

"Over the next year, we will continue to deploy this experience to more publishers and test new surfaces like Google Image Search.

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