//Google Cloud enters the commerce market with Cloud for Retail solutions
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Google Cloud enters the commerce market with Cloud for Retail solutions



Google announced the launch of Google Cloud for Retail on Google Cloud Next on Wednesday, with a host of new solutions designed for the industry from retail. The new solutions are designed to help retailers formulate personalized recommendations, unify the experience of their customers in online and offline environments, and more.

What does she propose? Google Cloud for Retail includes inventory management, personalization, customer service and predictive analytics solutions. E-commerce hosting is designed to cope with seasonal increases in traffic and peak sales (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, for example), so sites are not neutralized and do not lose revenue because of the increase in traffic. Google offers Customer Reliability Management (CRE) engineering services to prepare for maximum volume events.

Real-time inventory management and analysis provide a complete view of in-store, in-store and online inventory.

Visual product search allows retailers to integrate Google Lens features allowing customers to better understand a product, its prices and availability by taking a photo of it with its own phone. IKEA already uses it to allow customers to find a specific product or similar on its site.

Google indicates that its AI recommendations "constantly learn and adapt to user behaviors and dynamic environments such as range changes, prices

Currently in beta, AutoML Tables is a solution that enables data science teams to create and deploy machine learning models on structured data, such as product data. Retail applications can include supply chain management, fraud detection, conversion, and revenue optimization.

Partnerships for future products. Google has also announced that it is working with several partners to create more retail solutions. Partnerships include Accenture for personalization; Deloitte for demand forecasting and other supply chain analysis solutions; and Trax for store inventory information with image recognition, to name just a few.

Why pay attention. These are Google Cloud's first efforts to develop and package a set of cloud solutions for a specific growth strategy. It is clear that Google has defined its sites on Amazon Web Services retail customers. It includes retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Carrefour, IKEA, Kohl's and Target, as well as Shopify's e-commerce platform, which has more than 800,000 retailers among its current customers.

Google also announced a partnership with Mercredi, Salesforce's focus is on improving customer service experiences. It combines the Google Contact Center AI that analyzes the tone and intent of customer service calls and can bring environmental information such as weather and news to Salesforce customer data to guide agents. sales and customer service.

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