//Get paid to watch TV and movies: 5 ways to make money from your couch
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Get paid to watch TV and movies: 5 ways to make money from your couch



Do you like watching TV and movies? So why not make money doing what you love? You can actually make money watching TV and movies, but it is not easy to find these opportunities. Here are 5 ways to make money watching TV and movies.

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Become a professional television viewer

Nielson, the famous TV rating company, is a "field representative". If you are an observer of Pro TV, you may be hired to check hours of programming to find the appropriate clips for shows and news programs.

You can also request a "Customer Service Representative" for Netflix if you enjoy watching movies and TV shows. However, these positions are not always available and may be difficult to obtain. You can search for these opportunities on Netflix's website and other job sites.

Get Paid to Watch TV via Viggle

If You Want to Make Money When you watch your favorite TV shows, there is an Apple app called Viggle that lets you do it easily. Viggle is currently only available on Apple products and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
You download the free app and when you want to watch the show, you register via your smart phone. You earn points for watching the show depending on how long you watch the show. Viggle also offers bonus points to watch certain shows on certain dates. You will get 1,500 points when you register.

You can redeem them for various rewards, which are primarily gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Target, and CVS. Viggle allows you to earn free gift cards for something you do anyway.

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Earn money by working as a tagger for Netflix

Netflix hires taggers to watch their movies and TV shows and tag them. The hours are long but you can do the work according to your own schedule. You will often watch streaming content before it is available to viewers.

If you want to become a tagger for Netflix, you will need to watch and tag 3 to 5 movies a day.

If you have an analytical mind, an in-depth understanding of movies and TV shows, and a sense of detail, you may want to consider becoming a tagger. If you have a degree in film and television, have worked for a production company or have a relevant qualification, you can stand out from those who are looking for this opportunity.

The tagger post is currently reserved for people. in the UK and Ireland, but Netflix also hires US taggers. This opportunity is not available very often. You can view the tagger offers on the Netflix job site.

Get Paid to Watch Perk TV

You can get paid to watch TV with the Perk Live TV app using your smart phone. You use the Park TV Live app to record the shows you want to watch and earn points and tokens.

You can redeem points for PayPal money, gift cards like Amazon, Walmart and Target. . You can use the chips to participate in one of the many competitions available.

If you enjoy watching movies and TV often or all day and sitting on the couch or in bed, you can try the 5 ways to create higher. money while watching TV and movies. It's not possible to earn a little money or earn other rewards than watching your favorite TV shows and movies!

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Alternative Methods for Earning Money From Your Home

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