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First steps with an e-commerce company



Many people are considering starting an ecommerce business, but a much smaller number of them are taking the plunge. If your idea is strong enough, you have tested it and are ready to get to work, so your start does not have to be a complex experience. The key to the success and growth of your e-commerce is a good understanding of digital marketing and, again, this may seem daunting or overwhelming, but it is not necessary.

E-commerce marketing simply uses the best channels and the most effective digital methods for the benefit of your business. Digital marketing is a set of ways to help you grow your business, expand its reach and increase awareness. As digital marketing becomes more and more technologically advanced and marketing automation becomes the norm for the most basic tasks, you can focus on sales and growing your business .

Here we look at what you need to do to promote your e-commerce business and leverage all the data you have to help you succeed.

1. Know your customer

Your customer's digital experience is entirely up to you. You can deliver and shape the customer journey of each person visiting your website, but you must first know them. Your target client must be a person you know perfectly and you must do everything in your power to focus on their wants and needs.

You can discover all this information by chatting with your client, using Social Media to talk to them directly and find the channels of communication and engagement of their choice. The more you know about the people you want to sell, the better you can shape your content and digital presence to suit them.

2. Know your industry

You may already know the ins and outs of your business and its field, but more research and analysis can never hurt. In the digital age, everything moves fast. Any new development must always be followed and deepened.

Similarly, recent history must be fully understood in order to be able to predict the future. The more you know the current state of your industry, the easier it will be to predict where things are going to happen. Your strategic plan should make the most of your data and ideas .

3. Know your competitors

The wide range of analytical tools available facilitates analysis and understanding of your competitors . Identifying their strengths and weaknesses gives you something to build or work on.

You can look at their social media to see where the small (or large) knowledge gaps are. It is in these gaps that you can find your own space and carve out your position in the market where your competitors are not already successful.

4. Building your digital presence

Nothing counts more than your digital presence as an e-commerce company. Your website is not everything, but it must be at its best. This is your virtual showcase and a 24/7 portal for sales and sales for your company . You do not need to invest thousands to make it attractive, but you must give it your time and attention to succeed.

Designers Matters

Designing your website does not necessarily mean using an expensive agency. The design is unique for your business and for starters, you may be able to put something together. Your website is an opportunity to show what you are talking about and there is no single approach to web design .

Be simple, get your message across and you can be sure your customers will want to know more. All websites are still in beta, so do not expect perfection. Simply deliver everything you want in the best possible way, ensuring you update your content regularly.

Do not hesitate to do it yourself

There is a wide range of self-service website tools that allow you to create your own design. Ready-to-use templates exist to help you easily create an engaging experience. By 2018, no business can survive without a strong presence on the Web. The difficulty of creating and managing an appropriate website should not be a hindrance if you choose the right tools.

Choice of your domain

If you start from scratch, you must start with by selecting your domain . Without a domain, you have nowhere where your website is held and no way for people to access it. Choosing a domain takes only a few seconds and in minutes you can save your Internet piece to your name and prepare it

5. Consider SEO

An essential part of your digital marketing strategy is SEO. Keywords are essential to exploit business, especially if you hope to attract local customers . SEO is evolving as much as any other element of digital marketing, but most people looking to find your products or services will start with a search. In fact, 96% of online experiments start with a search engine . You want your business to appear at the top of the list, so it's more likely to click on it.

The solution is to provide quality, consistent content and focus on the chosen keywords. 50% of search queries are now four words or more; Your keyword mix should be designed to provide the best possible results. This includes the incorporation of important local phrases, popular terms for your sector and specialized long tail keywords.

You can operate an ecommerce business without using digital marketing, but that does not go very far. For real success and to take advantage of the huge potential customer online, you must use the right tools and digital strategies to advance your business.

Do you have any other suggestions for getting an online presence in the market? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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