//Facebook purges 800 pages of political spam, accounts of its platform

Facebook purges 800 pages of political spam, accounts of its platform



In its latest salvo against misleading political spam accounts, Facebook announced Thursday having removed 559 pages and 251 accounts from its platform for the creation of non-genuine activities motivated by profit.

Facebook removed pages, groups, and accounts created solely to spark political debate in the United States, the Middle East, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of cybersecurity policy on Facebook, and product manager, Oscar Rodriguez, said that money was the main motivator for these accounts.

"People behind (spam) create page networks using fake accounts or multiple accounts with the same name. They publish clickbait publications on these pages to get people to websites that are completely different from Facebook and seem legitimate, but are actually advertising farms, "said Gleicher and Rodriguez.

Why You Should Care

Facebook is employing to expand its capabilities in artificial intelligence and to increase the number of human proofreaders to report and remove political junk and false information on its platform. These types of announcements indicate progress, but also highlight the scale of the challenges that the enterprise and other Internet platforms face in combating misinformation – and promoting safe environments for IT specialists. marketing.

Last month, the company presented its latest effort to fight false political information – extended security options for the pages belonging to US political candidates candidates in federal and federal elections, as well as for staff and political representatives. party committees. It has also launched a pilot program providing two-factor authentication and potential hacker surveillance for administrators who manage US political candidate pages.

This is not the first time accounts have been created for being created by bad actors. The company disassembled Pages several times this summer, including a sweep of 652 pages at the end of August.

More about the news

The company claims that spam networks are increasingly using sensational political content, regardless of their political orientation, to build an audience and drive traffic to their websites, thereby saving money for all. visitors to the site.
"The people behind the activity also publish the same publications on clickbait in dozens of Facebook groups, often hundreds of times over a short period, to drive traffic to their websites. And they often use their fake accounts to generate fake likes and shares. This artificially inflates the commitment of their inauthentic pages and publications that they share, misleading people on their popularity and improving their ranking in the news feed. This activity goes against what people expect on Facebook and violates our anti-spam policy, "said Gleicher and Rodriguez.
Facebook indicates that it examines the behavior of pages (for example, if it uses fake accounts or repeatedly publishes spam) rather than its contents to choose the accounts, pages or groups to delete.
He acknowledged that the accounts and pages had legitimate reasons to coordinate, but said that these groups know what they are and what they plan to do.

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