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Embracing automation and optimizing SEO performance



The creation of an automation strategy should be a major concern in 2019; indeed, it has been identified by 61% of marketers as the number one priority for optimizing marketing automation efforts in a recent industry . investigation . The researchers also identified the provision of personalized content and the integration of marketing systems as the most difficult obstacles to your success with marketing technology. SEO and automation are an integral part of the solution.

Automation is essential for informed, data-driven decision-making in a world where the amount of data companies are trying to manage is unprecedented. But we are at a stage where, while marketers have been trying to automate a variety of tasks, many are struggling to manage heavy batteries of different technologies, all looking for resources and budgets.

If you or your customers spend more time trying to find workarounds for your technology rather than putting the knowledge into practice, money is left on the table. As creative marketers with technical and analytical skills, SEOs are well positioned to lead the creation and implementation of automation strategies that companies now need to succeed.

SEO, Automation and Customer Experience

Automation your SEO and your content process can generate efficiencies and lighten the burden of redundant tasks, but we have evolved so far (and quickly). Today, automation is not enough. SEOs need to automate intelligently – not only to perform tasks, but also to analyze data and make decisions about which tasks to prioritize (and how to execute them), as well.

Artificial Intelligence Enables Collection ] and the analysis of data sets that we simply can not handle alone. Natural language processing and machine learning layers enable smarter optimizations based on predictive analysis, pattern recognition, and evidence-based learning.

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Source: Search and Customer Experience: Using AI to Generate Continuous Performance

Site Audits , competitive analysis, tracking rankings and other SEO tasks are done more easily and more efficiently with automation. But are you ready to take the next steps?

The artificial intelligence is already reshaping content marketing, from the idea, planning and creation of optimized content to promoting on specific market segments. It's not a new technology; In fact, the Associated Press uses artificial intelligence to write commercial information since 2014 (and even in this case, the program could generate 2,000 articles per second). We are now at the stage where automation can help identify new revenue opportunities and make recommendations on content topics, attributes, optimizations, strategic ACTs, and so on. "

Intelligent Automation also allows SEOs to schedule tasks and immediately activate data to inform smarter optimizations." You can target specific content to interacting researchers. with your cat, for example, depending on the reason that brought them to the interaction.

Automation – Data Analysts, Real-Time Search, Content and Communications

Intelligent Automation gives search managers a better sense of how search optimizations affect the customer experience, every time, every step of the way. Real-time analytics of customer interactions can help shape every aspect of the customer experience from discovery to conversion.

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Source: PWC

How Does Artificial Intelligence Generate Superior Search Performance

Google's Interest for artificial intelligence results in much more interactive search results Address yourself directly to the researcher's intent, as in these three similar queries producing different results:

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Google uses higher organic maps, the Local Three Pack, Quick Replies, Images and Video, Carousels, Site Links and dozens of other improved results to better meet the needs of researchers. The algorithm listens to the clues of the researcher and constantly learns to report the most relevant result. More and more often, this result responds to the need so that the researcher does not even have to click to find out more. This is Google's RankBrain technology at work.

Last year, a study by BrightEdge (my company) revealed that over 80% of queries returned universal search results . By optimizing, structuring and tagging your content to show Google its relevance to variable intent queries, you increase your visibility when and where it matters most. At the same time, you provide more compelling content and you can even convert searches into sales without the consumer ever visiting your site.

Natural referencing is moving further and further away from the static site; you optimize for the entire research experience. And as Google's ability to determine intent continues to improve, SEOs and marketers have to keep up with AI and automation to stay on top and produce properly structured content.

Optimize your voice search. Use a more conversational tone in your content and incorporate longer keywords. Applying a question and answer format to a content can help you rank in instant answers and is the best voice response. Also, be sure to apply the appropriate schema markup. Read on how visual search and voice search revitalize the role of referencing to learn more. Enable on-site voice search, if possible. Integrate speech recognition into your application or on-site, if possible. You can extend the same hands-free functionality that provided a search engine to your site by enabling some non-voice features. Make good use of the descriptive text. Although many members of your audience are looking for visual images and videos, some will not be able to render, watch, or hear this content. AI can help you create descriptive text and categorize any type of content to improve your accessibility and SEO. Use intelligent automation to complement your skills. It is important to understand that automation can never completely replace the creator and strategist. They will continue to decide which technology to apply and where. However, the intelligent use of automation will help you do your job more efficiently, allowing you to focus on more important tasks and higher impact. Regularly monitor new opportunities. Google constantly tests and launches new features in the SERPs . It's not a static space and you can not afford to stand still. Use automation to regularly analyze your presence in research as well as that of your main competitors. Make sure you have properly formatted, optimized, and annotated content to take advantage of the new SERP features.

The adoption of automation will assume increasing importance for your ability to evolve and succeed in all areas of digital. If you're new, try automating tedious and repetitive tasks such as keyword research, data visualization, report generation, SERP similarity comparison, JS rendering test, build generation, and more. content ideas, link building and technical auditing.

Then go to AI to simplify complex decision-making and prioritize your SEO and content efforts, all in a bid to improve the experience of the consumer. SEOs who can embrace automation are making great strides in positioning themselves as tomorrow's digital marketing leaders.

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embracing automation and optimizing seo performance - Embracing automation and optimizing SEO performance

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