//Email Marketing Specialists Can Learn from Morning Brew's Expansion
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Email Marketing Specialists Can Learn from Morning Brew's Expansion



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Alex Lieberman (left) and Austin Rief, founders of Morning Brew.

While marketers of all kinds are working on dozens of personalities who make up their target audience, the team's successful press brand Morning Brew thinks they have found a better solution.

Target a character … only one.

"We chose a real human being and explained in detail what he does," said Alex Lieberman, co-founder of Morning Brew, "literally codifying a character and his behavior to which we can refer at any time ".

This character is very much like Lieberman and his co-founder and chief operating officer, Austin Rief, who founded Morning Brew when they were both in college. He's a young, high-paying professional who lives in a very ambitious coastal city, has technology, is really passionate about business and likes to watch Ted talk, "said Lieberman.

"The main characteristic of the person is a curious person," he said.

But can one character really clutter a daily newsletters audience in which Morning Brew now has more than a million subscribers? Of course not, but Lieberman and Rief feel that their creation is understandable enough for the readers of Morning Brew that his entire content strategy is related to his fluency in that language.

One voice to direct them

This week, Morning Brew launched the first of a series of industry-specific newsletters. On Tuesday, she issued a new daily e-mail on emerging technologies, which, according to the founders, will focus on the activities of RA and VR, blockchain, drones, robotics and other topics. ; news. Other newsletters are on the way, but Morning Brew would not say what they will be.

The new markets will have the same advertising model as Morning Brew's original newsletter. No banner ads, just "sponsored" ads at the top and native ads in which the founders of recently told Forbes bringing in about $ 200,000 in weekly earnings. But even these ads are written internally in the same way as the rest of their newsletter.

Rief stated that the company had developed a detailed vocal guide and that, although his editorial team was like any other team, a diverse composition of people of different styles and opinions on the Oxford comma all these voices were identical.

When email works, it really works

Morning Brew predicts an opening rate of about 45%, an enviable measure for any brand having its own newsletters. His voice and his commitment to engaging the target character play an important role.

Trademarks tend to overly complicate e-mail, said Rief. "If people think about it in a simpler way, you create an email because you think you can serve content that deserves to be read," he said.

The goal of Morning Brew is simple: give them your full attention five minutes before the start of the work day and you'll get great content.

"The content you create must be informed based on your audience and 100 times better than anything it receives," Reif said.

The focus is on shipping great content to inboxes, giving the modest e-newsletter a boost.

"The cornerstone of a relationship by email is trust," writes the founder of MarketingProfs, Ann Handley last week. "Subscribers choose to participate because they believe you are going to offer something of value. If you do not keep that promise, they will unsubscribe. You can never darken their door. "

Handley also touted the 1: 1 links that brands receive with email, which you do not have on social media, for example.

"Everything about it (voice, images, vibrations) is everything for you. And only you. Those who read your message on LinkedIn interact with LinkedIn. But when they read your words in your newsletter, they interact with you, "she wrote.

For what it's worth, Morning Brew does include Facebook and Twitter sharing icons in individual sections of its newsletter, but Rief and Lieberman say it's for convenience to readers, and interactions are not a metric to which they pay much attention.

More Morning Brew


Knowing that the audience is essential for Morning Brew, its general rule is to "answer all incoming e-mails". Period.

Next, invest in good editorial skills. You can not write a good newsletter without this.

The deliverability of e-mails is a problem for everyone, and Morning Brew has several martech tools to help keep an eye on it. Their advice: take a good look at the existing platforms.

Finally, Morning Brew runs a sponsorship program that offers readers gifts such as stickers, mugs, and t-shirts for sending e-mails to friends. This is a great success, and the founders say that word of mouth accounts for 40% of the growth in the company's audience. But Lieberman warns that referral programs only work if you have already trained a committed audience.

"It does not matter if we give the best rewards," he said, "it all starts with the content."

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