//Easy Ways to Make Money and Reduce Student Debt

Easy Ways to Make Money and Reduce Student Debt



Education is more expensive than ever and if you do not want to leave with a ton of debt that you slows down, you will have to try to find different solutions. ways to make money to reduce this debt.

Below, we have listed some of our favorite methods to easily earn money which will allow you to significantly reduce your student debt.

Getting a part-time job

This may seem obvious, but the easiest way to make a lot of money to reduce your student debt is to find a part – time job.

Once classes start, it can be difficult to get a part-time job. So try setting up your student account earlier and enter it so you have a wider choice of part time. choose your job and choose the one that suits you best.

Be an Extra

Did you know that you can earn a lot of money by becoming an extra on TV? It is easy money because all you have to do is basically to be a living accessory and get paid for it!

There are many websites that will allow you to sign up for this type of work and will help you get your 5 seconds of fame.


A great way to earn extra money is to leverage your academic expertise and become a preceptor . This can be a very profitable source of income because you could earn up to $ 30 at the hour.

There are many job sites and tutoring sites that you can use to make sure that your first group of students is tutored.

Sell your notes

It's time to put your hard work to work because, besides tutoring, you can also consider selling your notes.

There are specific online sites that will allow you to sell your notes online, which is a win-win situation in that it will also provide other students with additional help which they will might need.

Mystery shopping

The mystery of shopping can actually bring in money and actually requires little effort on your part. All you have to do is go to the store where you were asked to buy, make a specific purchase and take notes for that purchase.

You will then receive a refund of your purchase, as well as your costs for the actual work. The mystery jobs can range from a few pounds to a hundred pounds in addition to allowing you to enjoy great free gifts along the way!


Ebay is a more important source of income than you would have thought and if you have a lot of unwanted items, you are in the right place to get there.

What could be better than getting rid of unwanted items and earning money?

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