//Earning money as a "hangover aid"

Earning money as a "hangover aid"



An evening is fun and fun until you are brutally forced to wake up at 7 am by the alarm that you forgot to turn off with a swinging head.

Surrounded by piles of crumpled boxes and trash cans, a few stains and bowls of half-eaten cereals (or what you hope for cereal), the next morning is never fun.

Colorado entrepreneurs rely on the fact that a "big" can never be an orderly enterprise, as their engineering startup program takes advantage of the dire situation to earn clean money.

Self-proclaimed "hangover aids", these boys found gold by the end of 2013 and their success is something that students around the world can take advantage of.

Read on to find out how you could get out of your student debt.

The Stella Service

Get your name in the lights

Rake in the Silver

The service "Stella"

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