//Earning money as a Facebook girlfriend

Earning money as a Facebook girlfriend



There is no doubt that the Internet has had a major impact on the way we conduct our relationships. With social media platforms like Facebook at your fingertips, it's never been easier to stay in touch with loved ones and lovers on the other side of the globe.

However, this has also opened up endless possibilities for having entirely virtual relationships with people you will never meet.

In fact, the prevalence of Facebook's girlfriend (and, more rarely, her boyfriend) has been steadily increasing in recent years.

Although it may sound strange, you could make money.

We are looking at:


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How do you become a Facebook girlfriend?

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The site is primarily for men who have neither the time nor the assurance to have a real relationship. Thus, they turn to the Internet to interact with women via text chat or video.

If you are not quite comfortable about appearing on a video for a strange man, you can stick to texting. MyGirlFund wants girls to set their own limits and control their own earning potential.

The site also strictly forbids users from sharing personal information, which helps keep things safe and private enough.

Members buy credits worth $ 1 and spend them for everything they want in the rules of the site. "Sexy girls next door" receive 1 credit for each message you send to members.

If they send conversations to the "higher level", as the website says in a subtle way, they can charge the member who is discussing what they want.

The concept behind Invisible Girlfriend is that men (and women) gain confidence in their actual dating scenarios by practicing online conversations.

You can create your ideal girlfriend, by personalizing her personality and even how you met. You can then interact with them via a text message. And yes, they have real humans playing them on the other side!

The only difference is that the actual people playing the role change every five minutes.

Kashmir Hill of Splinter News is registered as a girlfriend, for the purpose of writing an article about her experience after .

What she shared was really fascinating!

"I would see how we met and the last 10 messages we exchanged. This configuration is designed to create the illusion of continuity; ideally, an Invisible [Girlfriend] / Boyfriend would seem to be a stable and stable presence in a user's life, instead of what it really is: a distribution of men and women in rotation, "he says. she.

The site has essentially three main rules:

always be optimistic in messages
do not break the character.
no sexting (the photos are blocked on the service.)

According to Hill, the site does not pay very well, unfortunately, by granting a bonus of only 5c to each textually constructed message.

Read more his whole story for some more interesting insights.

How much can you make?

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