//Earn More Money In Scotland: 5 Good Advice
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Earn More Money In Scotland: 5 Good Advice



For those living outside Scotland, it may be hard to believe that the country is not limited to haggis, kilts and Nessie. Of course, you will forget about world famous festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe, the best party in the world at Hogmanay, the rest of the cultural pleasures and opportunities to make money in Scotland.

Whether you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock or the Outer Hebrides, there are many ways to increase your income.


earn more money in scotland 5 good advice - Earn More Money In Scotland: 5 Good Advice

Deal with torches in the streets of the city before joining a large street party
Spend the night at the Concert in the gardens, Symphonic Ibiza or Ceilidh under the castle
Gape at the fireworks exploding on the castle of Edinburgh
Join more than 75,000 people singing Auld Lang Syne
To heal the hangover and raise money for a charity event, 'Loony Dookers' in festive costume throws herself into the Firth of Forth, a frozen river, to end the New Year festivities

So, that sounds awesome, but before you hurry to buy tickets, do you think it would happen if you could be there and participate for free? Or better yet – get paid for it?

Due to the large number of people, bars, restaurants and hotels will recruit temporary staff as there is no tomorrow. In addition to all the typical places to find work, the event organizer, Underbelly, also looks for employees. You can find posts such as:

In addition to Edinburgh, the Hogmanay celebrations take place throughout Scotland and all too often require additional employees:

Red Hot Highland Fling, Inverness
Ashton Lane Street Party, Glasgow
Drams in Dufftown, Speyside
Traditional Hogmanay, Aberdeen
Fireballs Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire
Comrie Flambeaux, Perthshire

Fringe of Edinburgh

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For many the cultural highlight of Scottish annual festivals, an entire month of comedy, music, poetry and exhibitions.

Although it does not employ temporary agents in the same way as Edinburgh Hogmanay, there are hundreds of opportunities to make money.

The three main ones are:

For your own show – whatever it is, check out the official guide for how to arrange a venue, buy tickets, sign up, financial tips and anything else you may have need to know.
Street Events in the Margins – Not quite at the level of having your own official show for the moment? Do not worry, the festival streets are the perfect place for public entertainers, jugglers, caricaturists, street performers, living statues or anything else you can do better.
Holding a Market Stall – The street markets, very eclectic, are bursting with originality and creativity. If you are looking for a new market for your unique, high quality handmade products then this could be perfect for you.

To become a tour guide

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Scottish cities have a fascinating history and tourists want to know more about it – especially English tourists, who like to hear familiar stories told from the opposite point of view.

So why not jump on this wave and become a tour guide? For those who are free in the summer and around the Christmas holidays, this is the ideal and fun way to earn extra money.

You must be:

Well informed (or eager to learn)
A good public speaker

Tour guides are usually self-employed or are part of a large company that advertises their services. Interested? You can learn more about this on this link here .

The main whiskey visits

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Scottish whiskey, it is said, is like English tea. Whether true or not, there are certainly plenty of distilleries and tourists who like to be seen around them.

This is a niche rather than the type of more common tour guide mentioned above.

Distilleries are everywhere in Scotland, such as:

Strathisla, Glenlivet and Cragganmore in Speyside
Glenmorangie and Oban in the Highlands
Auchentoshan and Clydeside in Glasgow
Jura distillery on the island of Jura
Raasay, on the island of Raasay (yes, imaginary names)

Some tourists want day trips, others complete itineraries of about two weeks, but in any case, we are sure you can offer them.

For more information, check out Society here for ideas.

Facebook groups on irregular work

There are Facebook group pages and discussions covering everything from Flemish cats to Star Wars to Donald Trump's latest adventure to the White House. Look for almost anything and you will probably get some hits.

In terms of income, many neighborhoods have set up groups of casual workers, asking people to see if people are willing to lend a helping hand. This can be anything from shopping to painting the fence, and the amount offered will depend as much as the task at hand.

Nevertheless, it's a good way to make quick money and meet neighbors while you're there. Just search for something like 'Aberdeen Community Group' and see what the Internet has to offer.

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