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Earn money with criminal harassment



There are two types of people in this life. The first meets their future partner on social networks. The second only follows them.

My impatience with online dating apps means that I fall into the second category (yes, I recognize it) because looking for photos of your last ten-year-old stroke is a great way to kill time and to bore them.

While it's now mandatory for best friends to hunt down each other and teenagers can hunt down their favorite pop stars, one thing is clear: social media is at the heart of twenty-first century relationships.

How would you describe your harassing skills?

Do you think you could do it as a professional?

Why the World Needs Stalkers

Meeting with a professional


Why the world needs stalkers

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Earn money with criminal harassment Pew Research Center 59% of those surveyed in 2016 said that online dating was a great way to meet people. And that's it! You can filter profiles by age, location and even physical characteristics, which can give you the opportunity to engage in a conversation with a dazzling person who has caught your eye on the main street.

Some profiles may look too good to be true, and sometimes they are.

A fake profile is called catfish and is used to attract or extract sensitive information from a person.

In 2016, Psychology Today reported that one out of two incredible person exaggerates or lies on his appointment profile. Although most of these flaws are harmless (like pretending to have watched Breaking Bad because you know you have a crush on it or have said that you listen to Mozart because you think it makes you smart), some are not.

This is where the harassment occurs because, quite often, a quick overview of your dreamboat's Facebook story or an analysis of his friends will give you all the information you need to know if he is legit.

For people whose work schedule is loaded, but who simply want to know clearly, stalking takes too much time and energy. They would rather pay a professional to do the digging and give them peace of mind.

So, could this professional be you?

Meet a professional

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Although there are not many companies of this type yet, Vet Your Date is a private survey agency created to filter the right profiles and give you additional information about a potential date.

Kent's CEO, Andy Bartram, told The Mirror that he had created the company to try to eliminate the catfish and prevent the isolated hearts from spilling. collide with impostors.

Although he stated that he had never met anyone online before, Bartram said that 10 years of experience as an intelligence analyst allowed him to meet his needs. acquire the necessary skills to know if a person is actually what she says.

In a world of left and right interaction, Bartram maintained that third-party verification is essential because users may be too quick to trust the images presented to them.

Asked about the amount of his charges, Bartram said he was about to introduce a monthly subscription to Vet Your Date that was launched last month, but added that his client will not be able to find new information about a person. to be accused of.

He currently charges £ 20 per search.

so how can I go pro stalker?

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