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Earn money Store food for Brexit



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"We could witness the random disappearance of known products and brands on the shelves because the supply had been interrupted."

"We will not run out of food, but you will find that your favorite brands are sometimes rare or almost non-existent."

He also added:

"Individual customers need to keep an eye on what's going on, they have to wait to see what happens in the week or two weeks to come before they start moving."

Day of Brexit Judgment

The UK has only 60% self-sufficiency in food, and 70% of its food imports come from the EU. These numbers tell you everything you need to know. If no trade agreement is reached before the EU leaves the UK on March 29, it would be a disaster. Unfortunately, it is a very likely possibility. So, how does all this lead you to gain an extra dollar?

Brexit Boxes

People often fear a natural or political disaster in the face of food shortages. And with Brexit looming, it's not surprising that people started storing food. A wise entrepreneur has benefited from it, and you can do it by following his example.

More than 600 Britons purchased a £ 295 Brexit Box (60 freeze-dried main dishes, a water filter and a firelighter) since its launch in December, according to the manufacturer Emergency food storage .

"Brexit could potentially be an emergency if we believe all these reports of predicted chaos," James Blake, co-owner of Emergency Food Storage, told CNN. "We are in a completely unprecedented situation … something like this [the box] gives people control when they can not control what's going on around them."

Create your own box

We think £ 295 is a little ridiculous for a box that only provides 30 days of sustenance. Imagine what you could buy at the nearest supermarket for £ 295 if you are notified.

So, why not sell your own Brexit case. Head to your local supermarket to buy products that will last a long time – tin foods are a yes, fresh fruits are a no-no (why not try dates or dried apricots instead?).

According to our calculations, you could build a high-level survival package of 30 years for £ 100. Then, if you sell it for around £ 250, your money will be more than doubled.

How to sell my box? Well, it's probably not worth starting a business, so try to sell it in your neighborhood and ask your friends and family to spread the word. You will be surprised by the number of people interested. It's really an easy way to make a kill! In addition, you may be a little less depressed by the current political nightmare we live in.

Tell us what you put in your box at Brexit?