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Earn money freelance online with Fiverr



Reading Time: 5 mins Freelance beginners often find it difficult to find clients. Naturally, potential customers prefer to contact more established names than those who have not yet reached their second commission. What is the best way to get your name and let people know what you can offer them? One of the best options is Fiverr .

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an original idea from Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, an online market and platform for freelancers and those looking to buy their services. Although only 9 years old, Fiverr has already facilitated more than 25 million projects or 'concerts', helping more than 11 million businesses find their ideal freelancer.

What's a concert?

Your concerts are the services you sell on Fiverr. The site will designate you as a new seller when you register for the first time and you will have the opportunity to create up to seven concerts. You will be notified whenever someone will place an order, via email or via the Fiverr app, and will be able to use the Fiverr messaging system to discuss details of what the customer wants.

For example, if you want to define yourself as an independent stationery designer, you can offer separate concerts for greeting cards, business cards and invitations.

What else do I need to know?

Within each gig, if you wish, you can offer separate packages at different prices to offer more choice to your customers.

For example:

The basic package may include a single personalized birthday card template.
The standard could include a drawing plus a custom envelope.
The Premium Package could include two card templates, custom envelopes and a happy birthday! badges.

As the package becomes more and more tempting to the buyer, your price may rise accordingly.

You can also add optional Gig extras, available for an additional price, such as an ultra-fast delivery or additional revisions.

The term "revisions" refers to the number of times you are ready to revise your final product to better match the specifications of the buyer. This is an important part of your packaging because many buyers like to know that they can modify the product to fit the way they imagined it.

What services can you offer?

Almost everything, whatever its niche, can find a place on Fiverr! The obvious exceptions are anything that is illegal, pornographic or infringing copyright. The most important categories are companies and computers, including freelancers specializing in:

• Video and Animation Services
• Photography
• Bug Fixes
• Website Creation and Programming
• Graphic Design p. Ex. Advertising banners, logos or packaging
• Social Media Marketing
• Web Analytics
• Resume Writing and Cover Letter Writing

There are also many more unusual freelancers. Could you supply:

• Video Game Coaching
• Celebrity Impersonation?
• Potions of love or banishment of black magic?
• Poetry ordered?
• Personalized Hogwarts acceptance letters?
• Exorcism services?
• Unique tattoo designs?

Whatever you can do, someone else can not and is willing to pay for it! Creativity and determination are two essential qualities to succeed in freelance.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Earn money freelance online with Fiverr How can you increase your stake in Fiverr?

Your profile

Your profile is essential to attracting customers. That's what they'll check before contacting you, so make sure it really shows your skills, reliability and qualifications.

After entering your personal data (that potential buyers will not be able to see), it's time to show them the kind of person you are. A clear profile picture and a clear description of yourself, as well as your expertise, are a great way to be friendly and professional.

Next, discuss your skills and your education. Do not hold back! Buyers want to know that they are dealing with an experienced and intelligent individual. However, try to keep it relevant; no one will care about your A-Level Food Technology when they are looking to hire a business analyst.

Custom Offers

Sometimes a buyer does not have time to browse the site looking for his ideal freelancer and creates a demand. You now have the option of creating a custom package with which you can contact the buyer, modifying it according to his preferences to increase your chances of being hired.

Level status

As you earn a reputation on Fiverr, your level status will be updated accordingly. As mentioned above, you will start as a new salesman who can offer up to seven concerts.

By answering various requirements such as earning a certain amount of money and being active for a specified number of days, you will automatically go to level one, level two, then someone else. One will decide if you deserve to be one of the best sellers.

This will bring you a number of benefits, such as
• The possibility of offering a greater number of concerts and supplements
• Priority and subsequent customer support
• Opportunity for promotion in Fiverr emails and announcements
• Receive your income faster

In addition to being able to offer a wider range of services to your customers, the logo that will be attached to your account will act as a validation of your reliability and reliability, encouraging potential buyers to make contact.

Fiverr pro

Fiverr describes this exclusive group of salespeople as its "top quality professionals, handpicked and trusted by the world's leading brands". And when they talk about "bigger brands", they hear it. Some of these pros were hired by:

Coca Cola

… to name a few.

Fiverr Pro works slightly differently from the rest of the site because the duration of your activity is irrelevant – you do not even need an account to sign up.

The application form can be found on the website (you can find it here ) and is very simple. He is interested in what you will find interesting in your work. Many postulate, but few are successful – that is for those who are at the top of their form. And of course, the money you earn will reflect that.

Excited? You better be.

How much money can you earn?

The basic starting price for all services is $ 5 or £ 3.97, to be increased as much as you deem necessary. There is no subscription fee or anything to pay before starting, only 20% of each payment is for administration costs.

In the end, the amount you receive is entirely dependent on the time you invest. Make sure your profile is professional, that your portfolio of past work is of high quality and that your packages are neither undervalued nor excessively expensive compared to other sellers.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to sell yourself at best, Fiverr offers a wide range of online classes and useful videos to stabilize the ground under your feet.

Some never imagine that freelancing as a casual job, taking second place to a full-time job, and that's what suits a lot of people. The question we would like to ask now is: what do you prefer?

If the services you offer as a freelancer are the ones you really enjoy but you are not convinced that you can survive in a big way, then it's time to read this article here: How to do it six figures on Fiverr .

Do you have a similar story, whether with Fiverr or another freelance site? Share it with everyone in the comments section below!