//Digital transformation fueled Salesforce's record quarter
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Digital transformation fueled Salesforce's record quarter



The global adoption of digital technologies is radically transforming the way consumers and businesses operate. As CXOs continue to embrace and implement the digital transformation concept, technology vendors such as Salesforce Global CRM continue to dominate the market. Earlier this week, Salesforce announced a record $ 3.74 million in business during the first quarter of its fiscal year 2020, an increase of 24% over the previous year. Previous year. the solutions alone have grown by 33%. Its cloud service has for the first time exceeded the billion dollar turnover achieved for the quarter.

"Strong revenue growth in the quarter reflects the strength of our business and the tremendous demand from our customers around the world" Keith Block, Salesforce co-CEO in his prepared remarks. "Businesses of all sizes and industries are undergoing a digital transformation to better serve their customers and choose Salesforce as their partner. transformation, the influx of new technologies to the workplace is not a surprise to digital marketing teams. Most of us had to adapt quickly to Martech's ever-changing landscape – and before the rest of our organizations.

Salesforce's growth over the past quarter shows that organizations are adapting and accepting the necessary changes. And as the collecting societies would invest about 30% of their budgets in martech it is clear that the transformation has arrived. Consumers expecting a better customer experience will continue to drive digital teams to embrace new technologies, increasing our dependence on vendors like Salesforce.

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At the 2019 TrailheaDX conference, the company disclosed Salesforce Blockchain a low-code blockchain solution that will be natively offered to Salesforce.Salesforce users recently launched its new Datorama marketplace aimed at brands and agencies to develop client applications focused on marketing intelligence.

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