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Curation of content: the importance of the credibility of your brand



curation of content the importance of the credibility of your brand - Curation of content: the importance of the credibility of your brand It is often difficult to get into content marketing by starting with the head.

It costs you money and time. You can not see the results quickly. And on top of that, if you go in the wrong direction, it can take you months to realize it.

For content marketing to work for the organization, that is, to sell it and bring it a positive return – Companies are part of the trap of talking only about themselves.

Although it works later in the funnel when potential customers are ready to buy, a key element must be anticipated: their confidence in your ability to solve the challenge they are facing. In other words, they must first rely on you.

In the 2018 Research Content Marketing Institute Here are the top three answers to concepts that B2B marketers consider as most important when creating content:

Make sure their content is fact-based and / or credible
Consider the impact of their content on the overall experience of a person with his organization
Prioritize the quality of content in relation to the quantity of content

If the question is a building of authority top of the funnel, a conservation of content is the part substantial part of the answer. ]

However, if it is done wrong, preserving the content can waste time that you simply do not have as a marketer. Curation works only if you use the three steps: select, enrich and share. But if your job requires you to wear multiple hats, you may never go beyond the first step.

Let's dive into these challenges and find their solutions.

Why Does Your Audience Need Someone to Count on to Get the Best Content

You already know it: Your audience seeks to find out what matters to them from the best resources available online.

However, they face a problem: they have too much content to make them feel confident that it is the best possible.

In fact, the amount of content produced has long exceeded our human ability to consume it: every minute, there are 4,000 new blog posts published and a huge 300 hours of new YouTube video content .

We have already talked about Mark Schaefer's concept of content shock. When he first wrote about it, he used the simple economic idea of ​​supply and demand to paint a picture of the decreasing value of content marketing.

Even though the consumption of human content has increased up to 11 hours a day, we still can not consume 300 hours of video per minute. This is from the original Schaefer article of 2014 on the shock of content:

curation of content the importance of the credibility of your brand - Curation of content: the importance of the credibility of your brand Your audience wants to learn from the best. They want to master the topics that interest them. But they can not do it themselves and they need someone reliable and with deep expertise to provide them with the best resources. It is there that you have the opportunity to shine.

Why the content of others – not yours – is the solution

As previously stated, brand-based content makes a lot of sense when it is presented to a very knowledgeable prospect who has done his research and is ready to buy. She deeply understands her problems and wants to know what makes a specific brand worth her time and money.

Before that, however, she wants to learn. It does not look for brands or ready-made solutions. It needs thorough and verified information, and you can be the one to provide it by organizing the content of trusted experts. Not only will you offer your reader hand-picked content by renowned experts, but you'll also develop relationships with influential people in your industry.

Screening such a stream of content is a challenge for you and your audience. This leaves a lot of room to miss some of the highest quality content on the planet.

Here is good news: you can use an advanced content filtering and filtering tool to obtain an advantageous position and filter the better content in the shortest time. And not only that: you can increase the value of this content by adding your own voice and credibility, which we will then examine.

How a tool helps you choose the most relevant and timely content

The automation of marketing and content retention often has a bad reputation. If content marketing is only about your audience, how can you automate something as authentic as taking care of your audience by the content?

The trick is not to automate your preservation of content but the discovery of exceptional content. Let's look at two scenarios:

First, you can manage your content by following RSS feeds of industry blogs and automating sharing on your social media channels. The problem? You always share content from the same sources, you depend on their publication schedules, and you do not add your own ideas and expertise to the composition.

Let's also remember that Twitter now punishes several duplicate updates so you can not just recycle your previous tweets.

On the other hand, you can automate the search process of high-end content so that it waits for you to simply add your thoughts and your opinion before sharing it with your followers, readers. , or email subscribers.

While the second scenario adds a layer of manual work to you, it also adds diversity, freshness and enlightened leadership. In this way, you develop the reliability and credibility of your relationship with your audience while putting the whole process on the scale.

When you use a tool to manage your content in the following manner (based on a subject rather than a publication), you can strengthen all of your content marketing operations by easily adding the most relevant and up-to-date content on all your platforms and your audience. point-of-contact. You can also align your efforts across all your marketing campaigns, analyze what has worked best and optimize your campaigns and future goals.

How to apply curation of content to enhance the credibility of the mark

Conservation of Social Content

This is by far the most popular way of preserving content. It's about taking a person's content, sharing it on one of your social network accounts, and adding your thoughts or favorite parts to the link.

When the curation of social content has been widely recognized, its main selling point is that it helps you keep your social media calendar complete.

Much more than that:

It keeps you in the lead and reinforces brand awareness through multiple points of contact with the public
This reinforces your relationship with industry experts
He presents to your audience not only new publications and resources, but also individual authors

1545677077 866 curation of content the importance of the credibility of your brand - Curation of content: the importance of the credibility of your brand The best part of preserving social content is to establish links with the industry that otherwise would probably never have occurred. Share it is love!

Publications of the blog

When you edit other people's content through a blog post, you have the opportunity to give your own twist about it and to focus on the highlights and the main ones points to remember.

Even better, you can do it regardless of the format of the content you are talking about. In addition to doing it for another blog post, you can also take a video, a podcast episode, a presentation, an e-book, a checklist … Essentially, highlight a valuable piece of content and create it a well-crafted blog post.

You Can Consult This example, our CEO published when he organized a SlideShare presentation of Rand Fishkin.


This generates SEO, traffic, and CTA benefits to encourage conversions without wasting time or being self-centered in your content.

Selected content hubs

With an Organized Content Hub You essentially create a "house" for all the content you believe to be the best in your industry. .

This "home" brings together attractive resources and high quality on a topic of interest to your audience. These can range from articles, audio and video to infographics, white papers, quizzes and more.

Done properly, a content hub can attract your ideal audience and make it come back long. S & # 39; s always offering industry-leading information, it will become the number one natural resource for your readers and viewers.

Combining your original content, neat content and your calls for action, you can gain SEO visibility and start new relationships with your audience by providing ways to simple browsing, searching and filtering of relevant content.

Specialized e-mail newsletters

Do you ever find yourself looking for topics and things to share with your email subscribers?

This is another place where curation of content is helpful. As in all the examples above, you will want to add why you find extraordinary content and that it is important to consume for someone from your area.

Instead of adding more items to your membership, you can use your newsletter to make them feel more time-saving by getting the best out of their inbox – from your share.

An example of a brilliantly prepared electronic newsletter is Jay Baer of Convince & Convert:

1545677078 844 curation of content the importance of the credibility of your brand - Curation of content: the importance of the credibility of your brand Subscribers can easily fly over these titles and thoughts and quickly make the decision whether content is worth their time. This advantage allows the sender of the newsletter to end up in an inbox by e-mail!

In your turn

All the examples and ways in which you can exploit content curation are possible in a fast and scalable way if you use an advanced filtering and content discovery tool.

It's not about putting your curation of content on autopilot and forgetting it. It allows you to easily find new and diverse content whenever you want and to inform your audience of the reasons they are concerned.

This will help you get ahead of your competition and keep your audience on your guard whenever the time comes for you.

And the result? Lasting relationships that will eventually turn into loyal customers and fervent advocates of the brand.

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