//Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes
1543337274 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes 760x490 - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes



cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

Brands earn 38 USD for every dollar invested in email marketing programs, according to Email Marketing ROI: the factors that lead to better returns, report published by Litmus.

In other words, brands generate a return on investment of 3,800% on email marketing.

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Yet Emfluence's report on email marketing for 2018 indicates that businesses are slow to adopt email marketing automation: only 2% of email sent by organizations B2B and 3% for B2C organizations are automated.

Jessica Best refers to these statistics in her presentation Content Marketing World, Email Marketing Automation at All Levels .

She goes further with the results of emfluence research, noting that "automated emails generate open rates greater than 60% and click rates 200% higher than those of your batch e-mail or usual. "

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According to Jessica, the automation of email marketing can "allow you to bring your content to great content, with the goal of spending time with you, getting to know you better, and perhaps going down this funnel. "

Despite repeated proclamations regarding the disappearance of electronic mail, it continues to serve as a basis for customer acquisition, communications and support.

Consider ordering an electronic trademark online, which Jessica shares with the graph below. Email is the perfect center to communicate purchase confirmation and delivery status, then to solicit product feedback, promote related products or offer special offers and coupons.

1543337269 708 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

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Integration with other data systems

To function effectively, the electronic messaging platform forms the basis and must integrate with other data systems, as shown in the following illustration:

1543337269 409 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

Data systems include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Data Management Platform (DMP)

As you will see in the following examples, the e-mail platform uses this data to provide personalized messages and implement business logic related to e-mail sequences (ie, to determine the next e-mail to be sent and when it will be sent).

All brands have a wealth of data. The more data they connect to their messaging platform, the closer they get to the return on investment of 3,800% of email marketing.

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Registration by e-mail (marketing permission)

The return on investment for email marketing is based on the notion that users of your mailing list want to hear from you. If you have purchased a list from a broker, the recipients will probably not want to hear from you. They are more likely to block your emails or report them as spam.

As a nod to Seth Godin, Jessica urges you to practice "permission marketing" when building your mailing lists. "Ask people for permission to sell them products and then, when you talk to them, they will listen to you," she says. Give them the value you promised when you asked them to receive their email, find out what they need and when they might still need it
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You should also know why you have e-mail addresses in the first place, otherwise it is simply "garbage in, garbage out". As Jessica puts it, "If you put bad data into your systems, this data will make bad decisions about what to send to your prospects and customers."

For example, if recipients enter the CRM system because they submitted incident tickets, they did not allow you to send them marketing e-mails and are not not likely to accommodate these.

Jessica shares three types of recipes – beginner, intermediate and advanced – that may be suitable for marketers with varied email marketing experience.


Welcome Email (Beginner)

Only 40% of marketers use welcome emails, says Jessica. This is a missed opportunity for the missing 60%.

"Your welcome e-mail is probably the highest open rate you receive on all e-mails you send, unless you send a birthday e-mail", Jessica said.

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She shares the Stikwood brand as an example. The world's first Peel & Stik "Sustainable and Recycled Wood Board" sends a welcome email to subscribers to its mailing list and includes a 10% coupon:

1543337269 474 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

"This coupon generates more revenue than even the email from their abandoned cart," according to Jessica.

The lesson? Aim high with your welcome emails . You may think that they only serve a logistical need (for example, recognizing the subscription), but they can do more. In B2C, as with Stikwood, this generates sales. In a B2B brand, welcome email can move subscribers into the sales funnel by offering them related content or a free trial of the product.

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Email seeking comments (beginner)

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Indigo Wild sells natural bath and body products. It shows that people who buy a second time are much more likely to become lifetime customers.

Thus, after the first purchase of a customer, Indigo Wild uses an email looking for comments, designed to engage them, but also to make a second purchase:

1543337269 715 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

Customers are invited to participate in a quick survey and are invited to do so by offering them a free pack of samplers at their next purchase (ie the second purchase, of critical importance ).

Indigo Wild found that respondents to the survey were 40% more likely to use the promotional code in email, even though it was available to all recipients. Why? After spending the time necessary to participate in the survey, they are more committed and more eager to be rewarded.

The e-mail seeking comments tells primitive customers that Indigo Wild holds their opinions: "We want to know what made it a good or bad experience for you, from unpacking to product itself, going through other things. you might want to see us put our alignment. "

Client Integration (Intermediate)

A representative of Armed Forces Bank, a Jessica customer, wanted to do an experiment, turning a single email client into a series of six emails. The management team resisted, so she did a test holding 10% of the list.

The client staggered the six emails according to the chronology of his clients – taking into account the period during which they had to report for military service (ie the next email would be scheduled to their return). Here is an overview of e-mails:

1543337270 7 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

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Although the third e-mail with the call to action to open a savings account had a horrendous opening rate, the bank noticed something of Surprisingly, the group that received it in the series of six e-mail integration saw its new savings accounts increase by 40%. to the group that has received only one email integration (without email from the savings account).

The bank also noticed that after clients had received the six integration emails, account balances had increased and more accounts had remained open.

The lesson? Extending messaging and creating relationships with subscribers can generate stronger business results compared to a single email.

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Customer journey (intermediate)

Spirit Airlines is a very low cost airline located in the United States. It offers unbundled rates to offer cheaper tickets. Customers pay a ticket and then additional services – printing a boarding pass at the airport, carrying cabin baggage, selecting a seat, and so on.

It is important for the airline to inform customers as soon as a ticket is purchased so that their business model does not surprise them. This is where the customer journey emails arrive:

1543337270 4 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

The emails detail the many a la carte services and offer clear calls for action (eg, "Book your bags now to save money" and "Choose your seat [s] online now" ).

For this to happen, email platforms need to communicate with many of the company's data systems. In the case of Spirit, these data systems include a customer relationship management system and a reservation system.

Email includes paths for new Spirit customers and differentiates travelers with a TSA pre-check number from known traveler numbers. Emails are scheduled for the date of the customer's next flight.

Here is the flowchart used:

1543337270 920 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

Jessica says the educational series helped Spirit Airlines make gains in its Net Promoter Score, which measures the likelihood of customers recommending one brand to others. "We planned to take advantage of Spirit's excellent low prices, without feeling disappointed," she says.

The lesson? By combining the data from your brand management systems, e-mail marketing automation allows customers to stay informed and satisfied, moving from potential detractors to active promoters.

Data-Driven Customer Reception Series (Advanced)

Meritage Homes is a real estate development company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. When a user agrees to receive emails, Meritage Homes uses data to create personalized emails:

1543337270 565 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

The first email (left) says, "Hello, Sarah. Welcome to the house. "The picture is a house in the community where Sarah was shopping at home.

The second email is sent about a week later and is based on what Sarah clicked in the first email. All of this is orchestrated through the Meritage Home Marketing Automation Platform.

A healthy content marketing program is essential for this welcome series, as custom content must retain the interest of subscribers. Tracking emails contain information about pests, cleaning, housing finance and utility bills.

The lesson? Email clicks provide insights into the content the recipient wants to receive, which allows marketers to ensure that the content they create – and which can be triggered in the marketing automation software – maintains the commitment of subscribers.

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Nurture series with personalized timing (advanced)

ARAG is a legal services provider based in Des Moines, Iowa. ARAG Target – among other groups – women who are planning their wedding, with an offer of free advice in exchange for an optional email and a bit of information about their projects .

ARAG first sends two or three content that women can use immediately. The following emails are scheduled based on how close they are to their wedding date. Jessica says that ARAG is working backwards from that date, sending content tailored to the date up to and even after the date of the wedding.

Here are some examples of e-mail:

1543337270 149 cook up email marketing automation with these 6 recipes - Cook Up Email Marketing Automation with these 6 recipes

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The first e-mail contains the subject line "Did you address all of these issues before tying the knot?" And will probably be sent shortly after the participation. The next email, "12 Ways to Save Money on Your Marriage," could come a few weeks later.

After the wedding, ARAG sends a gift: a free trial of ARAG legal insurance. Although this is probably not the first thing the bride and groom are thinking of, the moment may be the right time.

According to Jessica, "As a newly married couple, you may have a lot of legal difficulties in life. You are about to change your name; you might consider moving or building a house; you may be considering adoption, and so on. "

The lesson? Use what you know about your subscribers to get the right timing and make your emails more relevant.

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Are you ready for the automation of email marketing?

Given the one-digit statistics of email marketing automation users, you will likely find that the ROI of your email program is well below the 3,800% reported by Litmus.

My recommendation?

Examine these use cases and determine which ones you can apply the following quarter or year. Start simple. What would it take for you to set up welcome or return emails in the beginner series?

Intermediate and advanced use cases may come later. The key is to start. What do you think? Will you register?

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