//Content Processing and WordPress: The Perfect Fit

Content Processing and WordPress: The Perfect Fit



 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1024 "height =" 512 "/></p></p><p> <span style= Business demand for quality content creation is at its highest level – and that's no surprise.

The alternatives simply do not work. If you create poor or inconsistent content, you can not stand out, and if you do not create content at all, your target audience will not be able to find you.

In fact, the content is so high priority that skills in writing and content writing are among the most in demand on the labor market.

Blogs have been the backbone of growth for businesses in all sectors, thanks to the fact that:

In addition to this, blogs are promoted by word of mouth because 94% of people are at the rendezvous because they think that might be helpful to others. In other words, bringing value to your audience means that he will want to convey that value to someone else.

However, the creation of content takes more and more time: The average time required to write a blog post has increased from one hour on the other. 4 years period …

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 710 "height =" 480 "/></p><p> <span style= … while 43% of the inhabitants confessed that they were only writing blog articles.

So, how can we, as marketers, offer a better content consumption experience while spending less time and reaping the benefits such as search ranking and public trust ?

Use content curation to reinforce your content strategy

The conservation of content as an act of research and compilation of content from other creators has an obvious advantage: you can reuse existing content instead of creating it from zero.

But it is even more serious. With curation of content, you will not simply fill a gap in your editorial calendar – you will become more trustworthy thanks to the trust that the sources you have kept have already built.

Preserving content will also help you:

Present different angles and points of view on topics of interest to your audience
Stay consistent and stick to your calendar and formats
Become a resource to score for your Target Person
Build relationships and partnerships in your industry

Content curation introduces diversity of voices and educates your readers without pushing your own product. Thus, you regularly bring valuable information to your audience, without compromising quality and value.

Consistency can be one of the most difficult challenges in content creation. Organizations often enter into content with ambitious plans and dense editorial calendars.

However, problems begin when they can not follow, especially if they have not achieved substantial results in the beginning. Express Writers cited an important statistic with respect to consistency from the beginning:

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1920 "height =" 1080 "/></p><p> <span style= Completely opposed to the process of creating standard content, curation of content is much easier and faster. You can simply start immediately looking for topics and creators in your niche.

Better still, you can use tools to automate the search for relevant content, after which you can edit it by adding your point of view and passing it on to your blog.

How to Automate Your Curation of Content, Step by Step

As we learn more about the challenges that content marketers face every day, we built Scoop.it to help them save time while maintaining and sharing content of the highest quality on the planet. ]

We then went further and created a way to automate and streamline this process directly in WordPress


Step 1: Create your topic page

In your Scoop.it profile, you can create several topics to cover all categories of interest to your business.

After clicking Create a Subject you can name your subject, select the language of your content and choose the privacy option of your subject. Your Scoop.it subject page is ready to go!

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1978 "height =" 1266 "/></p><h3> <span style= Step 2: Add content to your subject page

To add selected content to your topic page, click Suggestions at the top right and add your keyword to search for relevant content.

From there, you can filter the content suggested by:

Recency, relevance and freshness
Content formats, such as articles, images and videos
How old can be the content

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1948 "height =" 1306 "/></p><p> <span style= From there, you will see a list of suggested content that you can then add to your topic page while adding your own comments and reflections in a dedicated field.

Step 3: Add your content to WordPress

Once you are satisfied with all the content you have added, you can add one of your scoops to your blog.

To do this, scroll through the content you want to add from your topic page, click on the button Share then on . this scoop and copy the embedded code that appears. When you're happy with the preview you see under the code, you can paste it into one of your HTML web pages.

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1924 "height =" 1256 "/></p><h3> <span style= Step 4: Automate this process with the integration Scoop.it + WordPress

The Scoop.it / WordPress integration goes even further in the process described above: it automatically creates a WordPress publication from your scoop.

This means that you are now creating a complete WordPress article with its own permanent link that your readers can share individually without sharing the entire page. The great thing is that this process always redirects traffic to your site.

This also means that the search engines will index it on an individual basis, which, combined with other SEO SEO features provided by this integration, can prove to be very powerful.

To set up this integration, simply click Integrations at the top of your subject's page. Then select Integrate with WordPress and follow the instructions.

You can now adapt your content production, increase your traffic and your SEO by adding regular content to your website.

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1225 "height =" 708 "/></p><p> <span style= Who would not want to create content 4 to 8 times faster than usual?

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 653 "height =" 565 "/></p><h2> <span style= Content Conservation in Action

Now that you have a content curation process that you can automate with WordPress integration, here are some ideas on what to organize and publish regularly on your company's blog .

1. Data, reports and original research

Some companies go beyond creating original content. In fact, they invest a lot of time and resources in collecting data on the sector and publish them in the form of white paper, computer graphics and other detailed formats.

You may have seen these examples of the marketing industry:

The list is long. Most organizations are not able to produce such extensive research reports, but the good news is that everyone can benefit.

That's exactly what CoSchedule did in his post with Top 21 reports on social media :

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1464 "height =" 1346 "/></p><p> <span style= Be sure to dedicate several elements of your selected content throughout the quarter to the most recent and relevant reports in your industry.

2. Events

Do you visit industry events, such as conferences, workshops and conventions, but you never find the time to write a report?

This is another great way to take advantage of curation of content. When you return from an event, look for written reports, videos, and even tweets and other social publications that cover the details of the event.

Ideally, you took notes at the event and you can now enrich these reports with your own ideas and wisdom nuggets.

3. Expertises and Guides

In a perfect world, you would interview experts every time you create content. The problem with this approach is that it takes a lot of time and can often delay the publication date of the piece when you talk to your interviewer.

Content retention is a perfect alternative because it allows you to collect the most relevant niche opinions and expert commentary from previously published content. You will not have to spend more time, neither theirs nor yours.

And if you take this opportunity to present their work, their products, and their successes, they have two advantages:

Your audience will learn to trust you because it continues to find excellent solutions through you
The experts you propose will connect with you and share the content in which you presented them, as well as your other works

Here is an example taken from the references blog, where they gathered 65 best marketing articles and listed their authors:

 Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit "width =" 1458 "height =" 1196 "/></p><p> <span style= It's a win-win strategy!

It's yours

Content marketing does not have to be complicated – and with the curation of content, that's not the case.

Make sure you implement the right tools and invest your time where it has the most impact.

At the end of the day, your content marketing is only as successful as you can see, so get familiar with all the formats you can create to generate leads and means of measuring the results.

Do not forget to check out our e-book on Leveraging Content Marketing for Lead Generation .


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