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Catalina Adds Its First Attribution Tracking Service



Best known as retail marketing intelligence service provider based on loyalty cards and printed coupons in-store, Catalina published her first award service.

Called Catalina Multi-touch AttributR, it traces the path that leads digital advertising – on different channels and on different devices – to a purchase made in a store with a loyalty card. The company is able to trace its purchases up to the UPC barcode level.

At the flavor level of diet coke. Coca-Cola, for example, can now determine to what extent a website ad displayed on a computer affects the purchase of a Coke Light, as well as the chosen flavor is Twisted Mango versus Ginger Lime. In addition, the awarding service may indicate if this is the first time this consumer has purchased Twisted Mango.

Previously, Catalina had measured the impact of his store coupons on buyer behavior, but he was not tracking the impact of the ads. The new award solution is the company's first effort to link digital advertising to buyer behavior, and plans to add addressable TV advertising to the system.

Catalina marks digital advertising with its own attribution pixel, called when advertising is displayed and provides data on specific campaign deployments.

But the connection between the advertisements displayed, the various devices used by the same person and the purchases in store is actually carried out by the consumer data society Experian. on behalf of Catalina, thanks to persistent identifiers such as phone numbers or email addresses.

"Not for the purpose of knowing who you are." In the new attribution service, the retailer sends the card loyalty card to Experian, which matches it to the inter-device digital profile of a given individual and with the ads shown to the User on these devices. Experiam then returns a report to Catalina using an anonymized identity.

Martina Cyhan, marketing director at Catalina, explained that the company only processes anonymized identifiers because "we are not in the business of knowing who you are".

Data is updated daily on a self-service dashboard for brands (see below) and, since the Experian profiles, the attribution may also include the Effect of ads on repeat purchases, new buyers of a product category and other consumer behavior.

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Difference with the NCS. Catalina, who filed for bankruptcy protection last month, is also known as a partner of Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), which uses in-store coupons and loyalty card data. But, said Cyhan, the new Catalina attribution measures individuals on multiple channels in a deterministic way, since real people are known through Experian pairing, while NCS focuses on measuring individual channels at the same time. 39, using probabilistic modeled data.

Catalina's new solution is updated daily, it includes buyer behavior changes and provides detailed accuracy up to the UPC level, while NCS provides post-campaign sales reports overall.

Why do you care? Marketers rely heavily on Catalina's customer data, and this first attribution service will help brands determine the impact of their paid media spend.

In addition, Catalina provides a very fine level of granularity, up to the individual product bar. code, with a very high level of certainty. This approach could provide the kind of accurate and cost-effective results that mainstream mainstream brands have demanded.

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