//Can you look fabulous while cleaning? According to the method, the answer is yes
can you look fabulous while cleaning according to the method the answer is yes - Can you look fabulous while cleaning? According to the method, the answer is yes

Can you look fabulous while cleaning? According to the method, the answer is yes



We live in a society run by social media where "images where it did not happen" strongly influences the way we share our lives with the world. These days, it is barely enough to live simply; Our best moments should preferably be photogenic and presented with the proper filter (unless you live this filter life). And it's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the most recent announcement for the UK cleaning products Method surrounds us in a rather elegant way.

The green cleaning brand has paired the London-based independent design agency, Mr President, for a campaign with a flair like Instagram: "Look good. Do better.

The 30-second spot features quick photos of photograph-ready individuals who are doing their part to improve the world, while being absolutely beautiful. There is an amusing and exaggerated aesthetic that characterizes every vignette, from the fashionista aged spry decked out in green as she recycles her numerous empty champagne bottles to the incredibly gentleman seen cleaning up her Nobel esque trophy.

Each take is adapted to the most searched Instagram pages while highlighting their nature. Who knew that cleaning could be so cosmopolitan? And it definitely stands out from a common sea of ​​production, exploiting a square rather than an entire screen.

The fun and sexy energy of advertising perfectly reflects the Method products themselves, which are elegantly colored while respecting the environment. sure. This is the goal of "Look good. Do better. ": Stress that the two methods (no pun intended) are not incompatible.

"The method has a philosophy, an aesthetic and a product that has revolutionized the cleaning category," explained Jon Gledstone. , partner and DPE at Mr. President. "Not only is it good enough to be applied to your Instagram, but it's also good for the environment and works perfectly. There is no compromise, you can do good and look good while doing it.

The campaign is launched in the UK via video-on-demand, social and digital channels. It will be deployed in the rest of Europe early next year.


Agency: Mr. President
Director of Operations and Partner: Shahla Lalani
Creative Director and Partner: Laura Jordan Bambach
Executive Creative Director and Partner: Jon Gledstone
Creations: Florence Deary and Ruby Norman-Curran
Responsible for Connection Planning: Naomi Dunne
: Melia Malmquist
Account Executive: Vicky Mockler
Producer: Harriette Wright
Project Director: James Fricker
Head of Design: Dan Vivieros
Principal Designer: David Clulow

Directors: RBG6
Production Company: Friend
Producer: Rachel Rumbold
EP: Guy Rolfe
DP: Charlie Goodger
Stylist: Ameena Kara Callender
Production Designer: Dan Betteridge
Music: Trunk Records
Publisher: R oss Hallard, Version
Sound: Jack Sedgewick, Wave
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Post: Anandi Peiris, Grace Thorpe, MPC