//Building on Amazon's Search Ads in a Time of Rapid Change
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Building on Amazon's Search Ads in a Time of Rapid Change



Amazon achieved great progress in its interface and advertising products. With more inventories, evolving formats, and technology updates, advertising on Amazon is quickly becoming more powerful and more complex.

To help advertisers navigate this rapidly evolving platform, Todd Bowman, Senior Director of Amazon and eRetail at Merkle's performance agency and Bryant Garvin, Senior Director of E-Commerce and Brand Advertising at Pattern (formerly iServe), will share their know-how on Amazon during a session held at SMX West in San Jose later this month. They will discuss tactics and best practices to take advantage of sponsored products, sponsored brands and product display ads, as well as other Amazon advertising offers.

Prior to his presentation, I asked Bowman what Amazon's advertising updates mean for small businesses. the big advertisers and, above all, the main differences between Amazon and traditional search engines such as Google and Bing that search marketers must understand.

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Todd Bowman, Senior Director of Amazon and eCommerce at Merkle will speak about Amazon advertising at SMX West.

Amazon is a different animal from Google and Bing. What are the main differences that marketers should understand about advertising on Amazon compared to Google and Bing?

There are some differences that marketers should understand to extend to Amazon. Two of the differences are the customer's intention and management of the Flywheel effect.

Nearly 50% of product-related searches start on Amazon because, in most cases, these customers know what they want, seek. for a good deal and go to Amazon to research specific products. Vendors need to be aware of this and pay close attention to the range of products they sell on Amazon and how they can differentiate their products through content optimizations.

The Flywheel effect is unique to Amazon because the media in question (the content product), the paid media and the acquired media (reviews, detailed page views, orders) all work together to ensure the success of the products and the brand. For example, the traffic of ads paid by traffic to a product page will help this product to show higher organic results and help make this product "the choice of Amazon".

In your opinion, what impact will Amazon's product updates have for advertising research will have on the ecosystem in general and on small sellers in particular?

I am excited about the progress made by Amazon. Amazon has made tremendous progress in the last 18 months to make it easier for advertisers to manage their programs. The features they offer give advertisers the ability to create custom solutions through the API, providing more robust campaign management and granular reporting capabilities. For smaller advertisers who can not create API features, they can use tools such as Bulk Editor, Dynamic Auctions or simply create a simple program with automatic sponsored product campaigns.

As the competitiveness of the advertising medium improves, Amazon advertising will become more competitive. It is essential that advertisers build or use existing tools to remain competitive. For the moment, the platform is still new enough to make the necessary tools less scalable.

What do you hope people will remember from your presentation?

I hope that the excitement is to take. far from my presentation. These are exciting moments on Amazon because it is a rapidly growing space that is evolving rapidly. In addition, I hope participants will understand better that Amazon is no longer a "define and forget" channel and that there are tools to effectively manage a program.

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