//Brandwatch and the Crimson Hexagon merger give rise to a knowledge of the market based on social data

Brandwatch and the Crimson Hexagon merger give rise to a knowledge of the market based on social data



– The merger of the Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon social intelligence companies – announced Thursday – will lead to a new platform that integrates social media, market, brand and consumer listening and research .

According to CEO and co-founder of Brandwatch, Giles Palmer. He acknowledged that the two companies had essentially "solved the same problem" by helping brands understand what was being said about them and what they were interested in on social media.

More machine learning, better user interface. But, he added, Crimson Hexagon, a Harvard-based company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has more capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning than the few scientists in its business.

On the other hand, Brandwatch offers a larger scale and a better user interface. In the integrated platform that will emerge in about a year, Palmer said marketers would get the best of both, as well as better customer service based on Brandwatch's more technology-focused team and service. more customer-focused Crimson.

In addition, he said, the newly enlarged company – called Brandwatch – will pursue innovative technologies through a team of engineers of nearly 200 people.

Palmer noted that current Crimson Hex customers will be able to keep their accounts for up to three years if they wish, even after the launch of the integrated platform. Crimson Hex will maintain its Cambridge office and Brandwatch, based near London, will expand its New York branch.

Why this is important. Brandwatch's evolution into a social media-based business intelligence platform echoes the announcement made by Sprinklr last year that it was in the process to become a customer experience platform based on social media. Given the power of social media as the primary communication tool for US and other presidents, it is likely that other social platforms will similarly expand their capabilities in related areas.

This merger with Crimson Hexagon is Brandwatch's latest addition to its intelligence arsenal. A year ago, he announced the acquisition of the BuzzSumo Content / Influencer platform, which featured such topics as news. In 2014, Brandwatch acquired PeerIndex, a social influence company, and transformed its data and technology into its Audiences product.

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