//Branch Launches Cross-Channel Cohort Analysis for Application Marketers
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Branch Launches Cross-Channel Cohort Analysis for Application Marketers



Marketers Must Understand User Behavior on All Platforms and Branch launches new cross-channel and multi-channel cohort analysis Thursday

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Branch began as a provider of intelligent "deep links" to an email , a mobile website page or an ad built into the app. to a specific screen inside a destination, usually a mobile application. If this application was not yet installed, the deep link to the application list in an application store was open for download.

Analysis of the cohort of commitments. With this new cohort analysis, Branch goes beyond its past event-based reports, such as the number of users who have installed an application after clicking on a specific link. Today, it follows cohorts of users on all platforms and in time. Initially, it will track groups that install an application from branch links or that renew with an application after installing or reappointing a website after clicking on a branch link.

Branch links can reside virtually. any platform, including emails, ads, mobile websites or desktops, mobile apps, and so on.

This cohort analysis is part of Branch's efforts for further analysis. Earlier this year, she bought the mobile assignment service of the Tune mobile platform. Product team leader, Nicholas Bonnet, said the new cohort analysis capability was under development before the Tune acquisition.

The cross-pairing of devices. The new cohort analysis relies on several methods to determine when clicks from separate devices come from the same person, Bonnet said. He can then track the activity of this user on platforms or channels, as well as other members of the same cohort.

For example, an open email on a desktop might encourage a user to return to the application. The branch link in this email could generate a message with a link on an email application, such as Facebook Messenger. If the Messenger link is open on a smartphone, Branch knows it's the same person. Or the link on the desktop can generate a QR code on the screen, which the user then scans with his smartphone – by reconnecting the two. Sometimes, he said, customers can provide their own data to connect their customers across multiple platforms.

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Why You Should Care About It. This cohort analysis allows marketers, including application developers, but also potentially others, to track the value over the lifespan or ROI of platforms corresponding to a certain audience.

Typically, says Bonnet, performance-based marketers will only consider retention of application users for a number of days after installing an app , instead of analyzing their multichannel behavior. He added that a multi-channel analysis, created in part through information from click-through links, allows marketers to more effectively allocate their promotional budgets to the most effective channels.

Of course, other vendors also generate channel analysis, or even a larger people-based analysis that allows marketers to track users across multiple platforms. forms.

The main difference, Bonnet said, is that marketers can more quickly configure cross-platform analysis of a similar user segment audience, all driven by smart links. This contrasts, he said, with in-depth analysis and links between large datasets that are otherwise often required to configure user identification across multiple platforms and channels.

Another advantage of mobile marketers is that they can get a broader view of the behavior of a given type of user application, on all canals. For example, the mobile app distributor might be able to find out more quickly that users who are installing a new gaming application and starting to use it immediately show other positive branding behaviors, such as visiting the site. editor of this game publisher.

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