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Beyond Call Tracking: Measuring Marketing Success



Call analysis can be a difficult topic for some marketing teams, especially those who have damaged relationships with the sales teams of their organizations. Tensions between the two departments often leave a gap between our teams who, once connected, create valuable information on the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns and sales results. With the rise of mobile e-commerce, digital marketers must integrate call analysis into their reporting strategies to tell the full story of the customer journey.

Going Beyond Basic Call Tracking

According to Forrester research, callers tend to buy more, make purchases faster and stay customers longer long as customers from other channels. Customers who initiate an incoming phone call during their journey accelerate an average of 30% – and spend an average of 28% more.

Having a good idea of ​​your customers' trust will greatly improve your overall digital strategy. You know what your customers are doing with your campaigns, but how do they feel about your brand? What happened when they called? What impression does the seller have of the customer's attitude towards him? Understanding the conversation context in which the business team is involved can help you better understand these factors and identify the signals of intent (or attrition).

Amanda Farley, a partner at SS Digital Media, recommends to marketers with bandwidth. listen to sales calls – with both positive and negative results – to better understand the conversation that led to the result. "There is usually a gap between marketing campaigns and people who answer the phone," she said. "The messages on the ads can clearly indicate who a brand is, but it really is the way in which phone calls are facilitated." Establishing this practice, according to Farley, can generate valuable lessons for sales and marketing teams and improve the experience of incoming callers. .

In small teams, it may not be possible to dedicate a marketing specialist to listen to recorded calls. However, working with the sales team to give visibility to your digital campaigns can be a step in the right direction to understand the context of incoming calls. Give the sales team a process and the right tools to do it; For example, custom fields can be added to your CRM to capture information.

More advanced organizations with systems already in place can take advantage of natural language processing capabilities to perform call-by-word and spoken word analysis. have been identified as signals of conversion intent.

Create Feel-Informed Campaigns

Analyzes provide a sound performance analysis, but they lack contextual elements of the customer experience with your brand. Conversation analytics are an example of measurable information that we can use to determine messaging, identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and measure customer sentiment.

Customer sentiment should be considered when developing segmentation strategies for email campaigns. landing page design and marketing automation. Messaging, for example, can be explicitly written to meet the needs of the individual depending on his level of feeling. If a seller says that a customer has a negative experience, use the event as a trigger to launch a winback campaign – before the customer hangs up for good.

Relationships Are Centered on

Our sales relationships can present many challenges for organizations of all sizes – from the use of silo platforms to different physical locations it can be difficult to establish relationships with other teams. However, the establishment of this relationship is an essential element to optimize and truly understand the analysis of calls and the feeling of customers. Collaborating with sales to clearly define and align goals improves overall sales and marketing strategy with the extra layer of customer data to influence campaigns. By adding the measure of customer sentiment, your teams will have new opportunities to share valuable information, better understand customers and build better relationships with them.

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