//B2C Content Marketing: Follow-up of Sales Engagement
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B2C Content Marketing: Follow-up of Sales Engagement



b2c content marketing follow up of sales engagement - B2C Content Marketing: Follow-up of Sales Engagement

You spend a lot of time and money on content marketing for your business, but how do you know if the investment is paying off? If you do not follow these important indicators, you may miss essential information to make decisions about the most profitable campaigns and those that need to be set aside.

Engagement in the Social Media

"Vanity Statistics" received a ton of negative publicity in most social media marketing circles, but listen to me here. Preferences, follow-ups, comments, and clicks are signs that your audience appreciates the content you share on social media and wants to know more. A study of SproutSocial found that "74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social networks," which means that more a company is loved, shared, commented and recommended through social media more likely consumers will have a positive perception of this business.

When you publish new content, such as on your blog, check to see if the content is used on social channels . This should then be correlated to traffic and lead conversions. Deepen and assign quality scores to leads from different content, topics and social media channels to optimize future content.

Engagement with e-mails

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels that a business can use. In fact, " for every dollar spent, email marketing generates a return on investment of $ 38 ." Today, computer software Email automation took the marketing landscape by store. These tools provide marketers with unprecedented automation and customization that generate the kind of commitment and return on investment we could only dream about ten years ago.

For example, a company may send a welcome e-mail to a new subscriber with links to different content on their website and know the types of topics, products, and services to which a particular subscriber has an interest. just interested in engaging with this email. Subscribers can also be described by how they handle the following emails in your distribution funnel so that each email they receive is more relevant to their interests and your product or service. can meet this need.

Retention of customers

Increasing customer loyalty and loyalty is changing the game for B2C brands. B2B enjoys an integrated retention due to multi-month contracts, while B2C has much shorter relationships with its customers. Retention is calculated by the number of clients at the end of a given period (CE), minus the number of new clients acquired during that period (CN), divided by the number of clients at the beginning of the period (CS). Multiply the result by 100 and you have your retention rate. The formula looks like this:

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The use of content managed by all of a brand's communication channels is the most effective way to build customer loyalty and loyalty. Identify what sparked the initial customer interest in the brand and provide content that reinforces that brand interest.

Phone Calls Received

The attribution is one of the most important aspects to properly calculate the return on investment of any marketing campaign. So many small businesses do it badly because they do not use a single phone number in every campaign. This means that when a company publishes content and pays to receive traffic to generate incoming calls, there is no way to determine which source of traffic has generated the call.

For example, a plumbing company buys advertisements on the local television channel, Google and Facebook to generate phone calls. They must have a system providing unique phone numbers for each campaign and be able to assign which campaign generates the best return on investment. If the same plumbing company buys Google traffic using a different copy and ad content on each landing page version, it must use a unique phone number per combination of ads and landing pages to find out with certainty what conversion into sales at the best rate.

When you know the results of each content marketing campaign, you can focus on the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. Streamlining your marketing efforts leads to better leads and increases return on investment. Start today to follow these indicators to increase your income and develop your clientele.

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