//"B" is for Brilliant: how the success of an IHOP cascade began with a better burger
b is for brilliant how the success of an ihop cascade began with a better burger - "B" is for Brilliant: how the success of an IHOP cascade began with a better burger

"B" is for Brilliant: how the success of an IHOP cascade began with a better burger



The figures of the IHOP IHOb campaign, which were a great success, were undeniably modified. 42.6 billion impressions, 1.2 million tweets during the first 10 days of the campaign and more than 27,000 articles in the media deserve to be showcased.

Reading the cover is one thing, but hearing another is another. The WTO must understand the importance of this agreement for IHOP. What gets lost on the page is the passion, decision-making and risk that fueled a campaign that the press sometimes referred to as "ridiculous" another stunt of the brand.

On the stage of Brandweek: Challenger Brands in New York, Brad Haley, marketing manager at IHOP, explained what was needed to reach a kind of promised land of the brand. While most of us were obsessed with the end result, there was something much more critical to the game right from the start.

First of all, IHOP – famous for its pancakes and his breakfast – found that he was lagging behind in their afternoons. In this white space, Haley and her team have estimated that the brand's hamburgers (served for more than 60 years) could occupy this crucial moment of the day. But, to be successful, hamburgers needed to change their faces in a very competitive category.

"We knew that there was a great lack of credibility for this establishment serving pancakes and hamburgers to create a good hamburger," Haley says.

In response to customer feedback, IHOP landed on a hamburger with 100% Angus 100% natural beef, sprinkled with an exclusive seasoning, all topped with a toasted brioche bread and buttered topped with a special sauce. "

From the marketing book, Haley and the brand needed to start the pump with a compelling offer. In this case, the burgers were sold at $ 6.99 with fries and unlimited drinks, a very competitive offer compared to other similar channels like Red Robin.

"So we knew we had a great hamburger. We knew we had an offer in place that would not remove the impediment to trial for the people, "he said. "At least, that would drastically reduce [the barrier] but we still had to find a way to convince the world to think of a hamburger from a pancake house."

This is where Droga5 and Initiative came on the scene.

Perhaps surprisingly (but that makes sense now), the strategy was simple: show people that IHOP took their burgers as seriously as their pancakes. But the brand and the agencies had to be discerning because, as Haley said, "we knew we could not spend more than US hamburger royalties. So we had to surpass them. "

The first 24 hours of the campaign were a whirlwind. The news and the late-night TV talk show have captured both the teaser and the revealer – and the Internet (including one of its most influential inhabitants, Chrissy Teigen) has lost its collective spirit. It was a dream of printing and exhibition that came true.

But, according to Haley, it was crucial that the name change also entered the real world. That's why the logo of one of its busiest stores, Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, has been physically altered, adding photographic fuel to the attack of social media. Some of the traffic came from influencers during the unveiling in Los Angeles, but the vast majority of the conversation was organic.

After the first weeks of the campaign, the brand achieved an estimated $ 113 million worth of business. which, according to Haley, accounted for about 150% of the brand's media budget. Brand health ratings increased and remained strong. But more importantly, the brand's hamburger sector has maintained its 100% growth before the launch of the campaign.

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