//Are you familiar with these 10 steps that will help you increase your sales?

Are you familiar with these 10 steps that will help you increase your sales?



Every business owner wants to increase sales, but can you wait for your sales to increase? Obviously not. You must use certain parameters to help you run your business.

 metric for business "width =" 640 "height =" 427 "/></p><p> Here are 10 indicators that will help you increase your sales like a wildfire.</p><p><strong> Average Order Value (AOV) </strong></p><p> AOV tells you the average income that each order should generate. It also tells you how to encourage your customers to spend more. To improve your AOV, you can promote bundled orders or set a minimum free shipping threshold.</p><p><strong> Cost of customer acquisition (CAC) </strong></p><p> CAC tells you how much you spend in your marketing campaigns to attract a new customer.</p><p> It is calculated by dividing all marketing costs by the number of new customers you have acquired. Thus, the lower the cost of marketing, the higher the return on investment <a href= .

Conversion Bulletins

Your mailing list is the only CRM to understand sales . Building your email list allows you to connect with your customers, contact them and keep them. That's why creating excellent newsletter submissions is essential for your business.

Loyalty and customer loyalty

It is possible to build customer loyalty by attracting the right customers, persuading them to buy (preferably in large quantities) and bringing you more customers.

You can measure customer loyalty by surveying customers or getting direct feedback from them.

Productivity of the staff

It is essential that your company knows the contribution of your staff. For example, workplace policy can compromise your business.

On the other hand, a responsible team is your business asset.

Hours worked per project

One of the most expensive raw inputs is work. You must know the number of hours needed to complete a process.

If things do not go as planned, you can try to replace human work with automated work.

Rate for loyal customers (RCR)

RCR indicates the number of customers who buy more on your site.

Think about the costs you would have to incur in marketing campaigns to attract a new customer. Do not you think it's cheap to build customer loyalty?

Friendly mobile site

 sell-mobile-photos-with-clashot "width =" 299 "height =" 168 "/></p><p> As a business owner, you need to know if your customers are accessing your site with the help of laptops, tablets or smartphones.</p><p> As the number of mobile phone users has increased, it would be better to have a site compatible with mobile devices.</p><p><strong> Page loading time </strong></p><p> Do you know that the loading time of a page can increase or decrease your sales? The complicated pages will take longer to load, forcing visitors to leave your site without consulting them.</p><p><strong> Landing Pages </strong></p><p> Landing pages are pages visited by visitors after clicking on your ad. The more impressive your landing page is, the more likely you are to make sales. A hack that has worked for many businesses is to include customer testimonials at the top of your landing page.</p><p> I hope these 10 indicators will help you grow your business and increase your sales. This is not magic, you must follow the 10 measures to the letter.</p><p> Do you have any other indicators that worked for you? Do not hesitate to add them to the comments. I will be happy to read them.</p></p><h4> About the author</h4><p><img alt=


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