//Amazon Go Explores Ways to Accept Cash
amazon go explores ways to accept cash - Amazon Go Explores Ways to Accept Cash

Amazon Go Explores Ways to Accept Cash



Amazon is trying to figure out how to accept additional payment options such as cash in its Amazon Go locations up to $ 500. So without cash, marking a big change for the 10 stores and more specifically created to allow buyers to pay only through an app.

The move of Amazon was originally reported by CNBC citing the comments of a meeting of Amazon held in April. A representative of the Amazon confirmed the report but gave no further details.

It is in the midst of allegations that the experience would discriminate against people without bank accounts, which was followed by bans at Philadelphia and New Jersey partly because the stores do not accept cash, but also because it has been shown that the technology used to track customers and purchases had bias.

Cashless technology was really of the greatest retail innovations of 2018 and Amazon would have big plans to extend its Go concept to 3,000 locations over the next two years.

The money could, however, save money and set ambitious plans.

Meanwhile, retailers like Sam's Club Kroger, Target and 7-Eleven also flirted with options without In addition to the fact that Amazon Go did not require any order or cash from the start, other traditional retailers, including those who were already physically present, have partnered with companies. high tech to add components without money as multiple payment. options, which can become the dominant option.

This includes AI Chest Company, Standard Cognition, which works with Paltac, a wholesaler in Japan, and undisclosed retailers in North America and Europe. One representative stated that it offered a kiosk option so that stores could accept cash payments, credit / debit cards and other payments other than apps.

"Standard has already met with hundreds of retailers, and everyone wants the opportunity to accept the money," she wrote in an email. "Thus, Standard was well ahead of Amazon on this front."

It also includes the retail automation company, Trigo Vision, which has a platform Customizable that allows retailers to decide on their payment experiences.

"Either their customers pre-register the details of their credit card, the cameras identify them at the store entrance and they can simply go out once they're done and their card credit is charged accordingly, or we can provide payment screens at the end of the session. A store that allows customers to confirm their shopping lists … and pay by credit card or cash, "said operations director Jenya Beilin.

This is partly for Trigo to meet the needs of a large market.

"A resident of Silicon Valley will probably be much more comfortable in the absence of a payment process, while a national of a more conservative state or a European country may prefer to confirm its purchases and make payments before going out with their belongings, "added Beilin. "The cash option also helps keep stores open to all buyers, without eliminating those who do not have cards or smartphones."

At the same time, CEO Krishna Motukuri said that the Zippin automated payment store, which had opened its first store in San Francisco last year as a proof of concept for future retail customers, it's "committed to support a wide range of payment options, including cash payments".

However, he explained how buyers will pay cash in a Zippin-operated store "it's something we can not yet talk about because we continue to experiment and innovate. "

Another cashless CEO, Zak Normandin, however, said the Iris Nova brands of his beverage company uses its SMS-based platforms to handle most SMS orders.

"As each site uses exclusively our SMS technology, we did not take cash, and the demand did not justify the addition of cash purchases as part of the cash process ess, at- he adds. "If the demand warrants it, we can easily implement a cash component at every point of sale."